I think most people made these Origami snowflakes at some point in grade school as a kid, but regardless of your age they are still a fun craft even for an adult.

Things You Will Need

Piece of Paper
Dinner Place

Step 1

Place your dinner plate face down onto your piece of paper and using a pencil, trace around the edges.

Step 2

Use your scissors to cut the circle out of the paper; discard the outside pieces.

Step 3

Fold your circle in half, doing your best to make a very sharp crease.

Step 4

Fold the circle in half again, making sure to make a sharp crease; if the paper is not too rigid try and fold it again. The more times you can fold it, the more intricate the snowflake will be.

Step 5

Next, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut small shapes along the creased edge. Make sure not to cut all the way across or you will ruin your snowflake. Make sure to remove the shapes you cut out as you are cutting them.

Step 6

Unfold your folded up circle and you are done. You should have a unique symmetrical origami snowflake to hang in your window!

Tips & Warnings

If kids are doing this craft, make sure to provide adult supervision while using the sharp scissors.