Using Shelves for Your Bathroom Accessories

Install shelves in a sturdy wall area

Shelves make great organizers in the bathroom.  They can store plenty of things, including towels, bathroom items, cleaning aids, and more.  Shelves can keep your organizing baskets and bins, too.  You can have shelves made by a carpenter, or you can make them yourself.  DIY shelves are available in most hardware stores and come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble and mount them. 

Choose shelves made of hard wood, glass, or steel.  Avoid pressed wood as it emits formaldehyde which can cause health problems.  If possible, choose furniture that’s made from natural materials.

How to make shelves:

  1. Before you begin to make the shelves, you will need measurements for the wood.  Start at the corners of your bathroom wall and up to the taps.  Select a wall area where the studs are strong enough to hold the weight of your shelves.  You can tap on the wall to find sturdy studs.  If unsure, purchase stud sensors at your local hardware store.
  2. After careful measurement and selecting the appropriate wall area, it is time to acquire the required materials.  Get plywood, nails, a hammer, a drill, etc.
  3. Cut the plywood following your measurements.  If you lack the skills, you can ask someone to do it for you or have it cut to fit in the hardware.

How to mount shelves:

  1. Drill holes into the wall where you intend to put the anchors. 
  2. Push the anchors into the holes; tighten the screws to lock them in place.
  3. Place the shelves in a row.
  4. If you wish to securely mount your shelves, place a strip of wood beneath them.  Screw the wood tightly in place.

Types of anchor include the steel cleat anchor, the plastic anchor, and the metal stars.  The latter will simply buckle its finger, fold back and clamp it to secure the shelves.

If you are not familiar with mounting shelves and mounting materials, go online and watch tutorial videos.  It may help a lot, especially if you’re a novice in DIY installation.  

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