Making and selling modeling posters is one way that a model could make extra money, especially if they have a fan base and know how to market their modeling poster to get sales. Since many new and aspiring models find it hard to get paid modeling gigs when just starting out, making and selling their own modeling posters allows them to create another possible way to earn money while waiting to get booked for paying modeling jobs.

Determine what style of pictures you want to shoot for your modeling poster such as fashion, glamour, swimsuit, lingerie or any other type of styles you are interested in shooting. You can choose multiple styles if you are not sure.

Hire a professional photographer that can shoot in RAW digital file format and one that can provide you with a CD of all of your images. Shooting in RAW file format will allow you to get your modeling photos digitally enlarged to poster size without losing quality and it will give you the option of uploading your photos onto your computer for future use. Also, the photographer must be willing to sign a photo release form to give you full rights to use your pictures for commercial use since you will be selling a photo that they photographed. During your photo shoot, pose in many different positions and switch outfits so that you can give yourself more options of pictures to choose from.

Download the CD of images onto your computer and look through all of the images to find your best modeling photo from your photo shoot that you feel would make a good quality poster and that people may be interested in buying. Do not worry about minor cosmetic flaws on the photo of your choice because you can later fix many issues with digital airbrushing.

Hire a graphic artist to airbrush the photo you selected for your modeling poster. Tell the graphic artist what flaws you want fixed such as pimples, scars, tattoos, flyaway hairs or any other flaws you see on your photo that aren't happy with.

Sell your modeling posters through online printing companies. Search online to find online printing companies that can make posters from digital images that are uploaded onto their website and allow their users to make a percentage off the sales of posters sold. Selling your posters through online printing companies give you the freedom of not having to pay for printing costs to get poster prints made and allow you to not have to deal with shipping costs to mail your modeling posters to buyers.