A Neti-Pot is a device that is used in cleaning your sinuses, and preventing infection, and congestion. For it's aid in sinus problems click here.

Things You Will Need

Find a plastic bottle anywhere from 250ml to 750ml. The bottle has to have a kind of cone at the top. A contact lenses cleaning bottle works great.

Step 1

Take off the top of the bottle and clean out the inside. You don't want anything other than the salt water, going inside your head. Take the lid or top, and poke or drill a hole approximately 1/2cm wide. (TIP: if using a drill, drill one side and then the other to ensure a smooth hole)

Step 2

If you do not have a contact lenses cleaner bottle handy, there is a way to use an ordinary water bottle also. Find your ordinary water bottle and clean it out. Take a thick Ziploc bag, and cut off one of the corners (about 3cm in). Poke a small hole in the corner of the bag. Now take the strongest tape you can find and tape and tape the corner down, over the edge of the bottle. Now take a sharp pencil or knife and cut a 1/2cm close to the top of the bottle. Poke another directly across but this time, make is smaller. The bigger hole is for administering the warm water. The other hole is to let in air when you are using the Neti-Pot.

Step 3

Other containers you can use are sauce or condiment containers. They must have a cone top (to seal in with your nostril), and must be plastic (they must be plastic because then they can bend, or you can poke an air hole in them).

Step 4

Once you've made your Neti-Pot there is a specific way to use it. The Neti-pot is a very effective way of cleaning you sinuses. This prevents infection, and helps congestion.

Step 5

First you fill up your Neti-Pot with lukewarm water (it may take a couple of tries to get the temperature right. Always test with your fingers first). Fully mix in one teaspoon for every 350ml. (This also may take a couple tries. Find a ratio that works for you. If the solution feels too "sharp" or "strong" like inhaling seawater, then don't put as much salt in. If it feels too much like inhaling water from your bathtub, then put more salt. Remember, very small quantities can change the solution immensely)

Step 6

Place the cone at the end of your bottle in one of your nostrils. Bend over a sink or garbage can. Tilt your head forward 45*. Tilt your head to one side (the side opposite the Neti-Pot, so the Neti-Pot is higher) by about 25*. (These angles are approximate, so change them if need be. TIP: being completely horizontal or vertical in either direction DOES NOT HELP. They will make you choke). Before the water goes up your nose, close off your nasal passages from your throat by swallowing and holding. Gently squeeze the bottle so that the water solution flows softly up one nostril. CAUTION: this will feel very uncomfortable at first, but it is completely natural. The water will flow up one nostril, and down the other. Keep the water flowing continuously and smoothly. Depending on how congested you are, mucus may flow out. After a full squeeze of the bottle, blow your nose vigorously into a Kleenex. Switch nostrils and do the same. If your nose is really congested and you are still getting stuff out, refill the bottle and do both nostrils again.

Soon your nose will be clear, and healthy!

Tips & Warnings