How to BS your way through school

Ah the old "I'm screwed, I have a C and my parents will kill me if I don't do good. What should I do?" phrase (real long I know, but its what I think). Ah, if you clicked this article, amazing, you chose for once in your life to actually think. Give this article to your friends. They may be smart, but that's not how it works, cause everyone procrastinates.

First thing you can do is study the old fashion way. But come on...let's be honest now. If you're reading this article, you know that after sitting at home playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft that you're screwed. Hell, I have been online doing god knows what and it is 9:15, and I have a major English test tomorrow morning, which I have yet to study for. All I am doing is sharing my (not cheating) but *cough* "reference guide" with you. Chances are you are sitting at home right now done looking at your "business" online and is now looking to BS your way through life. Congratulations, you have proven to yourself you're American. Glad to know I don't have to call the Border Patrol on your ass (Just kidding). But seriously, let's get down to business.

1. When you get to class, the teacher usually gives you five to ten minutes to review. This is your magic moment to speed through your study guide (if you did it, otherwise go to #2). review key vocab and glance at it quickly. You might be like me and have a decent flash memory where you can remember things for about 15 minutes or less.

2. If time prevails (or #1 wasn't accomplished) ask everyone around you. Ha, chances are if you're on here, then you are sitting next to no-lifes that won't help you. If so, move if you can and talk to your fellow allies that will be of assistence if any. Utilize your time. Ask only questions that you absolutely have no clue on. If you know even the slightest thing about a topic, skip it and ask about the crap you don't understand at all.

3. When you get your quiz/test/exam, if you can write on it, write down everything that you know immediately. Don't wait. For example: english vocab that you'll remember for like 10 seconds, or even better, math equations. Know them ahead of time if they won't be provided, and then write them down (those are usually set up so that the letters represent the thing that the variable stands for). If you can't write on the Q/T/E, then write it on your hand or something. It's not cheating if you do it without your guides help, it's just frowned upon heavily ;).

4. Don't look on someone's paper, even if you do the old "oops I dropped my pencil crap." It don't fly well. Besides, if you're reading this article, chances are the persons surrounding you are dumbasses, why bother?


Congrats, that's all school really is. Hope you understand everything.

NOTE: This guide was not meant to be encouraging one to cheap, just BS a way frowned upon heavily, but not in violation of the rules. You are welcome.