Have you tried to imagine what is the world from a child's prespective? Guess not. However most things that we consider ordinary in our lives can present serious hurdles for kids. You can easily reach the top shelves in the kitchen but for a child this would be an enormous challenge. And if children rarely have the need of using the kitchen that's not the case when it comes to other rooms in your household such as the bathroom, for example. Making the bathroom accessible to children is easy and doesn't require many improvements or expensive repairs and renovations.

Stool or Folding Step Ladder

Putting a step ladder close to the sink or better yet installing a podium is a great way to make the bathroom more accessible for a child. This way the kid will have something to step on, so that he could easily reach the sink and the taps in order to wash his hands and face. Of course, the easiest solution for such situation is to put an ordinary low stool in the bathroom. The stool has to be light and compact in order to be placed in front of the sink and then moved back to its original place by the child with an ease. 

Child washing himself

Install Hooks

Hanging long towels on the hook hangers is not the ideal solution for child who wants to dry his hands after using the sink. The longer hand towel can touch the floor from where germs and bacteria can transfer on the fabric an. But that's not all, the child can accidentally unhook the towel from the hanger or, what in my opinion is even worse, tear the towel while pulling it towards him. To prevent any of the above scenerios from happening you can simply install hooks on lower lever than normal and hang hand towels which the child can easily reach when he has to dry up his hands.

Towel Hanger Hooks

Towel Hanger Hook

Liquid Soap Dispenser

Children tend to create almighty messes when using bar soaps. One way to put an end to those messes is to install liquid soap dispensers on the sink in the the washroom, so that the child can easily squirts just enough amount of soap to get theirs hands thoroughly clean without creating soapy chaos of something as simples as washing. Another highly helpful solution, at least in my opinion, is to install rotating soap holder above the sink. The rotating soap holder has quite simple design and can be very practical. 

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Bell for Assistance

Lets face it no matter how accessible you make the bathroom for children, they are always going to remain kids with all their whims and quirks. Even if you did everything to make the house perfect for a child, he could still may require an assistance and help every once and a while, especially, when it comes to using the lavatory. Putting a doorbell buzzer or even a conventional bell somewhere inside the  bathroom where the child can easily reach and ring it if  assistance or the presence of an adult is needed, is great idea. And you as a parent, probably, would also want to have something like this in the washroom also, so you have win-win situation.

Doorbell Buzzer
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All of the ideas to make the bathroom in your home child accessible are really easy to implement. You don't even have to make grand remodels or improvements in the bathroom. So you shouldn't worry about having to obtain the service of a building contractor or a handyman or specialists in post builders property cleanup. And the best thing about these improvements are that your child will have the chance to use the washroom by himself and without your aid far more often.