Bbq pork ribs, in my opinion nothing says barbecue like a great rack of bbq pork ribs slow cooked for hours and falling off the bone tender. Unfortunately most people have no clue as to how to make them. They end up with a dry and tasteless rack of bbq pork ribs. Let me tell you, making a great rack of pork ribs isn't something that's reserved for the so called pit masters. With a little bit of knowledge and the proper technique you too can make a great rack of bbq pork ribs right in your own backyard for a fraction of what it would cost at some restaurant.

Things You Will Need

- A rack of pork ribs
- BBQ Smoker
- Aluminum foil
- Mustard
- Apple juice in a spray bottle
- Bbq rib rub
- Wood chunks
- Bbq sauce
- Various utensils

Step 1

Great bbq pork ribs start with a great rack of ribs

I can't stress enough the need to choose the perfect rack of ribs. Our goal is to make our bbq pork ribs flavorful, moist and tender. The moist part comes from fat covering. Choose a rack of ribs with some fat covering across the whole rack. Also, hold the rack by one end and choose one that bends the most. The less connective tissue, the more tender the bbq pork ribs will be.

Step 2

Remove the membrane for tasty bbq pork ribs

Turn the rack of ribs meat side down and remove the membrane. I find that this is easiest by using a butter knife to 'get it started' then grabbing the membrane with w paper towel and pulling it off. With practice you should be able to to this in one piece. It is vitally important to remove this membrane. If you leave it on the rub can't get into the meat, and meat without rub isn't very tasty. If you want tasty bbq pork ribs you need to do this step.

Step 3

Add rub to make some tasty bbq pork ribs

Here's a trick for you. Apply a coat of generic yellow mustard before you apply the bbq rub. It'll make the rub stick better and the vinegar content will tenderize the meat. Apply a good coating of rub and yes, rub it in (that's why they call it rub) Choose a bbq rub with a low sugar content, the sugar will burn during the long cook, and that's not how you make great bbq pork ribs. After you apply the rub put the pork ribs into the fridge for a few hours of overnight to let the flavors get in.

Step 4

Get your smoker ready to make some bbq pork ribs

Fire up your smoker and get it up to temperature. You're shooting for 225 degrees. Once it gets there add the wood chunks. There really is no reason to soak them, it does nothing.

Step 5

Put the bbq pork ribs into the smoker and walk away

Put the bbq pork ribs into the smoker and walk away, just walk away and don't open the smoker every ten minutes. Spritz the ribs with apple juice ever 45 minutes to help keep them moist. Flip the bbq pork ribs at this time also.

Step 6

Foil the bbq pork ribs

After 2 1/2 hours take the ribs out and wrap them in foil. Add a touch of bbq sauce and apple juice to the pouch. Put the ribs back into the smoker for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Step 7

Almost there! Remove the bbq pork ribs from the foil

Remove the ribs from the foil and put them back into the smoker, crank up the heat a bit, 300 degress if you can. Add a coat of bbq sauce to both sides of the ribs. Flip and sauce again every 15 minutes. Remove the ribs in about an hour. Check every time you sauce and make sure the bbq pork ribs don't burn.

Step 8

Remove the bbq pork ribs from the smoker

Remove the bbq pork ribs and let them rest for about 10 minutes and then EAT!

There you have it. The idea here is to flavorize, moisturize and tenderize the bbq pork ribs and every step is designed to foster those elements. I certainly hope you enjoy the bbq pork ribs you make and certainly experiment with different types of wood and rub/sauce combinations. You'll find more helpful links on this page to help you make some great bbq pork ribs.

Step 9

Want to learn more about making great barbecue?

I highly recommend this book, The Barbecue Bible by Stephen Raichlen. ‚ ‚Â ‚ ‚Â ‚Â ‚ It'll teach you just about everything you need to know to make some great barbecue!

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Tips & Warnings

- Always use a bbq rub with a low sugar content to avoid burning during the long smoke.
- Test the ribs in the foil phase by inserting a fork in between two ribs and seeing if the ribs come with it when you try to pull out the fork. If the ribs want to come along, then they need more foil time.