Most people today have heard of the law of attraction and have become interested in this topic, especially after the release of the book and movie, 'The Secret' but how can you make the law of attraction work in your life - and does it really work?

What You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction

Let's begin by considering what you need to know about the law of attraction and how it works. Firstly, the law of attraction basically states that what you think about, you attract to you. If you think negatively then you are likely to get negative outcomes; if you think positively, then you are likely to get positive outcomes. The secret is in learning how to get the positive results you want and avoid the negative.

A Practical Example

To help you understand how the law of attraction works let's take an example. You get out of bed late and suddenly start worrying about getting to work on time and suddenly everything starts happening to make sure you don't get to work in time - the kids misbehave, the phone rings, you can't find anything to wear, etc. The truth is that a lot of this probably resulted from your attitude because you were worried - the kids got tense because they felt you were tense and so they reacted by misbehaving, you were worried about work and so couldn't concentrate to choose what to wear, and if none of these things had happened you would have probably had time to answer the phone - or the presence of mind to leave it to the answering machine. I also often use the example of depression. Many people today have suffered from depression at some time in their lives and know how it feels - you don't have any interest in anything, you feel miserable and lack energy and the situation just keeps getting worse and worse - because you are focussing on it. Once you start to focus on the positive, life just seems to get better and better - trust me, I've been there!

Applying the Law of Attraction Begins with Knowing What You Want

In order to apply the law of attraction to get what you want, you have to actually know what that is! Take some time to write down your goals and decide what you truly want out of life. Once you know what you want you will be able to focus on it.

Tips for Focussing on the Positive - and Avoiding the Negative

The next step in making the law of attraction work for you is to learn how to focus on the positive and avoid the negative. Firstly - avoid all books, movies, television and music that makes you feel miserable. It is amazing how these can affect our moods and we need to learn how to control them better.

Revise your goals regularly. Revising your goals helps to bring them into focus in your life and so helps to attract them to you through giving you new and fresh ideas about how to accomplish them.

Keep a gratitude journal. Being grateful and practising an attitude of gratitude helps to keep you positive - after all, how can you possibly be grateful and miserable at the same time?

The law of attraction is really no secret and you can use it in your everyday life to get the results you want. It works because being positive is so much more energizing and motivating then being negative and gives you more clarity for attaining the results you want.