A great source of income is online advertising. But if the person does not know what they are doing, they can spend a lot of time and make very little money. The two most important things for someone looking to make money with online advertising are quality articles and traffic. Without both of these working together, it will be difficult for them to maintain in a good income.

What a person is writing about will affect the types of online advertisements that show up on their page. So someone writing about food is going to have ads that pertain to this. This is good to know because not all ads are created equal. While some online advertisements might only be a nickel per click, others can be higher than ten dollars a click! But it all depends on what type of ad is on their webpage. A baking advertisement is generally not going to be able to compete with a stock market advertisement. Many ads that have to do with anything financial are worth a good amount of money. Luckily, a writer does not have to guess what is valuable and what is not. Google has a tool that they offer that will let the user find out how much the average cost per click is for their ads. this can also help them find good keywords to use to help with their search engine ranking, as well as pull up great advertisements for their webpage. Google Adsense is also completely free to use and does not take long at all to apply for. Google is one of the main advertisers that is used, but there is also many other options to choose from.

While having great ads and great content is important, it will not matter if there is no traffic to the website. Many writers have trained themselves in the art of SEO, or more commonly known as search engine optimizing. This is where the writer optimizes their website so that will be picked up easily on search engines. The higher ranking in a search engine, the more traffic the website will sustain. but with so many websites out there it can be difficult to compete with online advertising, luckily there is another option. That option is called revenue sharing websites. this is where a more established website brings in the traffic for the writer and the writer shares their profits with them. It is a win-win situation for both parties. By working together, everyone is making money. Many of these websites will allow the writer to put in their own Google Adsense account information. This way, the money can be deposited directly into their account.