Do you spend hours every day on the train or in the car? Do you loathe leaving the house before dawn and coming home after dusk? Do you wish you could just teleport yourself to work?
I know how that feels. It took me forever to get to my university, and my job after that was just as far away.

But why struggle against something you can’t change? There’s usually a reason why we don’t live closer to our offices or schools.

Instead of being all miserable about the time you have to spend in transit, embrace it! This is a good time to read, get some homework done or put in your headphones to listen to all the fantastic audio content you can find on the internet. Music and audiobooks are great, but here is something else that you can download for free:


iTunes has a large variety of great podcasts about pretty much every topic you can imagine. What’s very nice about podcasts is that a lot of them come in the form of rather informal and informative interviews. Listening to them is not only a good way to learn about whatever subject you’re interested in, it can also make you a better conversationalist, because you witness the back and forth like a fly on the wall, instead of being involved like in a normal conversation. 
Look up your favorite topics and people and expand your mind instead of wasting your time playing games on your phone or looking out the window at the same landscape over and over again. 

Here are some of my favorite podcasts in case you don’t know where to start:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the author of The Four Hour Work Week and describes himself as a human guinea pig. He does all kinds of experiments in lifestyle design, business and learning new skills. In his podcast he interviews top performers in various fields to deconstruct the essence of their success.

Favorite Episode: #13 Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park – On Music, Creativity, Selling 60+ Million Albums

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

If you want to set up some automated income sources, this is one of the best resources out there. Entrepreneur and blogger Pat Flynn interviews his guests about affiliate marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization and everything else related to making money online.

Favorite Episode: #46: Building a Lucrative Business with No Ideas, No Expertise & No Money with Dane Maxwell

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is a comedian and UFC host. This podcast is quite unique, because most episodes are almost 3 hours long and he has a wide range of different guests. Together they talk about an even wider range of topics, from martial arts to comedy to hunting and isolation tanks. 

Favorite episode: #543 with Sam Harris

The Art of Charm

AoC is a company that teaches men’s lifestyle programs. They started out with a focus on dating advice, but also interview many guests about business, health and relationships in general. As they say: “We know how important it is to be awesome AND well-rounded.” 

Favorite episode: #363 with Dr. Chris Ryan

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is a writer and entrepreneur who has made and lost several fortunes and does not only share his exiting and illuminating life story with us, but also has great guests on his show, including Tony Robbins and Marc Cuban. 

Favorite episode: #13 Ariana Huffington – The New Way to Thrive 

These are just a few to get you started. Once you’re in the rabbit hole it will be easy for you to find more and more. There’s so much great content out there! 

So put in those headphones and leave the train a little wiser than you entered it.