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Boris Bikes is an elaborate biking scheme is modeled after other schemes in the capitals of Paris and Madrid. It provides a reasonable way of travelling for those who are burdened by the expensive and overcrowded transport system in London. This scheme has come as relief and it has been received positively by numerous individuals who dock at its 400 docking stations.


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Boris bikes are quite easy to control when riding. You only have to be familiar with the gears and competent in bike riding to hire them. If you want to change the gears, you can do so comfortable from the handle bars. You can shift down the gear by adjusting the gear shifter towards you or shift up by adjusting it away from you. These bikes use hub gears and so when riding, you should stop pedaling to facilitate smooth gear change and resume pedaling once you change the gear.

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So, how much does it cost to hire Boris bikes? Well, if you are hiring the cycles for the first time, you will be required to pay daily, weekly, or yearly membership fees and usage charge. Membership is renewable daily or weekly depending on your preference or use. Thereafter, you will enjoy free usage for 30 minutes and an average of £50 for 24 hours. If you intend to use the bikes regularly, the yearly membership subscription will actually give you good value for your money.


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When you hire the Boris bikes, you should be careful to dock it at one of the many docking stations around London and its outskirts. Generally, individuals who hire the bikes are required to dock them at docking station nearest to them and follow the procedure of docking.  In addition, if you lose the bike which you have hired through theft, you can contact the customer support for assistance between to midnight.

Normally, there is an allowance of 5 minutes for individuals who return their Boris bikes and consequently, want to start another journey. If the bike has a problem, you will be given an allowance of a few minutes to exchange the faulty bike for a good one. In case you arrive at a docking station and find that there is no parking space, then you can wait for a few minutes if you find no space. If you don’t get space, then you will get an allowance of 15 more minutes to check out if there is space in the next docking point.


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Although you are not required to wear helmets when using Boris Bikes, you should endeavor to get one to enhance your safety when riding in busy lanes or in traffic. If you want to get help on specific issues, you should check the Boris Bikes message board which addresses quite a good number of questions relating to bike usage. You will also find a comprehensive list of docking stations if you are interested in finding one near your home or area.

I would recommend trying this scheme for yourself !