A neat, well-made bed can create the most impressive statement.

Here's how to transform your own into showroom-beautiful (and all you need are a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a blanket):

  1. Put on the fitted sheet-To get each corner to slip on easily and stay in place, start by covering one corner at the head of the bed. Then, do the opposite corner at the foot (on the diagonal). Do the same for the other two corners.

  1. Add the flat sheet-Put the flat sheet on the bed face-down. Why? Later, when you cuff the top sheet at the head of the bed, the border will show.

  1. Tuck the flat sheet-Next, tuck the base of the flat sheet into the foot of the bed. Then pull the sheet toward the head of the bed and smooth the sides.

  1. Tuck the corners-After tucking the sheet in at the foot, tuck the excess from the foot into the side. Then, tuck the side flap in. The idea is to make a pleat at the corners.

  1. Top with the blanket-To add a blanket, start by tucking it in at the foot of the bed. Then, fold the sheet and blanket together at the sides and head of the bed. For the best look, allow for a 10" cuff at the head.

For a great way to give your sheets or comforters a boost, try a quick ribbon trim. Simply attach a length of ribbon using iron-on fusible (available at craft stores).

Here's some inexpensive and easy ways to make your bed a showcase:

To create a rich-looking canopy, mount a standard 24"-30" curtain rod to the wall. Then, slide a pair of standard curtain panels or even twin sheets on to the pole.

Show off a folding screen by sliding it behind the head of your bed. For a boost of natural beauty, hang a few stems from the screen.

For updated, yet rustic flair, just line up a few 6"-wide pine planks to create a fence-like headboard that's a real attention-getter.a well-made (and beautiful) bed

Add a touch of romance with a drape of mosquito netting. Then pin on some daisy appliqués (available from a craft store) for a bit of pizzazz and color.

Use standard shutters as a headboard alternative. You can give the shutters a softer look by draping them with a sheer panel.