Eggs(84488)Credit: Stara BlazkovaKnowing how to make the perfect omelette is an indispensible talent. Whether it's Christmas morning after the presents are opened or 2 a.m. after a rough night out, making and serving the perfect omelette will satisfy the most unruly appetite. Everyone from a rambunctious child to a rapacious drunk will want one.

The ingredients and utensils are usually on hand and the preparaion is quite simple. Here is a recipe that the groggiest head, no matter the reason, can easily follow.


Prep It Right

First, gain control of the situation and explain to the uninitiated that you’re going to make some omelets;  one for each person, not some gargantuan monstrosity to be divided up amongst the masses. Believe me, the anticipation and the final product will more than make up for the wait. 

Next, on to the process. For each portion, bathe three large, uncracked eggs in lukewarm water while you prepare the pan. Use a pan of appropriate size – about 10 inches - and of the nonstick aluminum variety. Apply high heat to the pan.


Get the Eggs Started

While the pan is heating, crack the warmed eggs into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and whisk vigorously with a fork. Check the pan for temperature. Some do this by touch which I find rather dubious. I prefer flicking a drop of water into the pan. If the water immediately sizzles, the pan is ready. Whatever the method, when ready, add one pat of butter, swirling the pan to coat the bottom.

Next, pour the eggs into the center of the pan. Using a rubber spatula, gently stir the egg allowing the liquid portion to run onto the hotter parts of the pan and cook. This procedure should only take a few seconds.  Then, again using the spatula, form the omelet into a rounded shape. Now, and this is important, leave the omelet alone for ten seconds. Don’t touch the eggs, don’t move the pan.  Ask the question about the chicken or the egg, as long as you simply admire and don’t fool with your handiwork.


Finish It Properly

Once the requisite time has elapsed and your admiration has flagged, shake the pan to dislodge the omelet.  Lower the far edge and give a quick flip. The far edge of the omelet should flop over onto itself. This move is easier to accomplish than it sounds.

Plain OmeletCredit: Stripey the CrabNow slide the omelet onto a warmed plate. As the omelet exits the pan, a final twist of the pan will place the leading edge of the omelet onto itself. A touch of chive on top and you have created a perfect tri-fold delight.

Some would argue that without pork products or other added ingredients that this creation is not perfect. While I love bacon,  I tend to disagree. But if you must add something, do it in the ten second resting phase. Make sure your ingredients are warm before adding and all will be well.


Enjoy It for All It's Worth

You may think that meal is too simple to be memorable but that fact  is simply not true. I remember many nights with my friends at 2 am in my house when my father would roll, unbid, out of bed to cook for us. He made us welcome and he made us laugh. Unbelievable. My father is long gone but still well remembered. My friends still talk about those nights and they still brings tears to my eyes.