How can you make a homemade kettlebell?

FYI: Homemade kettlebells are the cheapest!

So you’ve probably seen them around, swinging terrifyingly all over the place in gyms, living rooms, and other impromptu workout arenas all over the country. Kettlebells are hip now, and you’re wondering if this is the bandwagon for you.

Russian kettlebell training is renowned for its ability to provide a full-body workout through exercises that engage multiple muscles rather than targeting one at a time. In a world of debilitating time constraints, kettlebells are a high-efficiency weight training method that can produce quick results without spending endless hours at the gym.

So where can you buy a cheap kettlebell? Well, some of the more intrepid of the fitness generation have been making their own, hacking them together with inexpensive parts from hardware stores, or items around the house already.

Materials for the world's cheapest DIY kettlebell

(Because you want a kettlebell as cheap as you)

Alright, here are the materials needed to make your own kettlebell:

  1. Gas can
  2. Water

Ready for step two? Don’t worry, it’s been pretty challenging so far. Okay, here we go:

How to make a kettlebell

The cheapest kettlebell possible!

  1. Fill gas can with water.Gas can
  2. Close.

And you’re done. Huzzah!

It’s actually pretty surprising that this method seems relatively unknown, given the popularity of kettlebells, and the number of blogs out there describing how to make your own kettlebell in a series of intermediately-complicated DIY steps. The options range from filling empty basketballs with sand or cement, to attaching handles to bowling balls, to buying weight discs and piping to construct a handle. It’s all fairly labor-intensive, and not particularly cheap, either. And you can get a gas can for about $10.

You can find something even cheaper if you can manage to find a properly-shaped large plastic bottle. Certain drink brands make handled bottles that can work fairly well, and will allow you to make your own kettlebell practically for free. Besides, flexible plastic bottles like these will do a lot less damage if you drop it on your puppy.

Since it’s not so hard to find where to buy kettlebells online, and they’re not particularly expensive either, maybe it’s just the sense of satisfaction from settling in for a weekend construction project that spurs the more complex DIY kettlebells. Homemade projects can be pretty fun, so maybe everyone’s happy.

Things to know about your homemade kettlebell

Cheap kettlebells need love too

So if this method is for you, there are a few pointers you’ll need to remember: Firstly, make sure it’s fairly small. Two gallons should be just fine, especially since you don’t want it hitting the ground or your legs as you swing it around all over the place. Plus, make sure the spout can be removed so you can actually fill it up.

And remember, this is also one of the best adjustable kettlebells you can find! You can fill it with sand if you so desire. Weight conversions as follows:

1 US gallon of water = 8.35 pounds

1 US gallon of sand = 15-20 pounds (depending on composition)

This means that a 2 gallon gas can should be plenty for a beginner or intermediate kettlebell workout, as the standard Russian kettlebell weighs about 36 pounds.

Other Homemade Kettlebell Methods

Intermediate DIY kettlebell designs

So if you’re feeling unsatisfied with this particular method, well, that’s fine. There are some other methods available that will provide more of a challenge to making your own kettlebell.

1) Use an actual tea kettle!

Find an old tea kettle in a thrift store, fill it up, and super glue it shut. Done!

2) Use piping and weight plates

Just get 4 pieces of pipe, 4 connecting pieces at 90 degrees each, and make them into a square, with the weight plates fitted over one of the pipes.

3) Fill a basketball with concrete

I don’t even know why people bother with this one. It is easily the most labor-intensive, and has the highest quantity of potential disasters. If you’re feeling lazy, stick with the gas can method. Because if you’re going to be working out anyway, you don’t want to exhaust yourself ahead of time, right? Right?

Have fun, and good luck!