Find space and function in your laundry room

Have you been frantically searching for tips on how to make your laundry room multi-functional? You don’t have to search any further because by the time you are through with reading this post, you will be able to double up on the little space you already have which at the end of the day, will see your laundry room not just serving its purpose but also lending itself for other useful purposes. Now, you can only meet this aim if you know what you want and take time to dream big and make plans. Listed below are the tips that will help.

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  • Location: This is very important when it comes to maximizing the functions of your laundry room. Therefore, it is important that in choosing where the laundry room will be, you should make a choice of a part of the home that will be easily accessible for other needs and functions.
  • Find out where the extra space is: If you need to maximize the space contained in the laundry room, you need to know where such space is. Where you have empty walls by the corner, you can creatively turn it into a mudroom, which is the rave of the moment and install hooks for coats, keys and bags and consider building shelves where other important items are kept. Should it be that this room is right behind the main or living rooms or beside the garage, it saves you the tedious task of pulling dirty clothes through the living room.
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  • Proper consolidation: This simply means keeping things the way they should. For your detergents and washing soaps, there should be a particular space for them, or a compartment in a cupboard which makes it easy for you to get what you want when you want it. It saves you space and time.
  • Multi-functional: This idea has worked for a lot of families. It entails doubling the laundry room as a family room. This means that you can put in TV, video games etc in there. With this, you find out that as the family watch television or play games, it becomes more fun to do the laundry which could be the opposite if being done in a lonesome environment or room.

Apart from all these tips on how to make your laundry room multi-functional, as you build your home or remodel it, you can still make more from your laundry room by installing built-in ironing boards, counter spaces which could be used for sewing and folding of clothes and built-in storage cabinets where certain appliances are safely kept. Be smart; make the most of your laundry room today.