Did your video 'prodigy' not get as many hits as you were hoping to? Do you still think that your video is good enough to become one of the best? Well, you have two options. You could sign up with YouTube's Sponsored Video Program. This will advertise your video throughout YouTube, the downside is that you have to pay per click. In this economy, who wants to give Google, one of the biggest (and wealthiest) companies, $50? Here are some simple tips that will keep your wallet full but the hits coming in.

Things You Will Need

A YouTube account
A good voice, or at least someone with one.
Some actors
A good camera
Some kind of video editing software, Windows Movie Maker will do.

Step 1

If you've ever noticed the most popular how-to videos on YouTube, they usually don't have much onscreen text that tells the viewer what to do. Most of the time there is someone who is saying what the person should be doing.

Compare this video...

...with this one.

The first one explains vocally, the second one explains visually. The first one has many more hits.

Videos that use a robotic voice to explain also do not do as well as videos that use a real life human voice. It is human nature to be attracted to a real human voice versus a robotic voice.

Step 2

Comedy videos, videos made to make people laugh, are usually the most sucessful on YouTube. Videos in a series like the "How to be..." series are always a hit. Take a look at theses for example.

They both feature people just being them self.

Videos that can get lots of controversy and talk about them usually rise faster than plain videos. As word gets out about them, more and more people talk view them. Now I'm not telling you to go out and make racist videos but other controversial topics like politics are usually big. Those types usually rise higher and faster.

Step 3

Technology has greatly benefited the video industry. Even for the plain Joe, video editing can be easy and make a difference in the make or break of a video. Windows Movie Maker, for XP and Vista, is a free program from Microsoft that allows you to quickly make a high quality video with the usage of text, transitions, titles, and credits. WMM even has an Auto Movie function which will automatically make a movie for you out of your raw footage.

Unedited video can make your production look like a mess. It could drive away thousands of potential views from an otherwise good video.
A good camera is also key to making a good video. This doesn't mean you have to run out to the store and get a $600 HD 24 megapixel camera. A fairly cheap Webbie HD Camera from Sony, $200, will be perfect but anything that has about 4-5 megapixels will do.

Compare this video...

...to this one.

Step 4

Remember that music is a big part of 21st century life and people are attracted to it. Music before, after, or during your video can make a difference.

Videos associated with technology usually do better with techno music. For example take this video:

Videos that have to do with sports do better with hip hop and rap music. Take this video for example:

Step 5

To give your videos a 'brand name' in your niche, you may want to create a small video into. Just add it in before every video. It gives your views a feel that you are trust worthy.
I hope that you can use the steps I outlined above to make your videos better and bigger than you ever thought.

Tips & Warnings