Easy Tips to Have Healthy Curly Hair

Curly hair can look unruly, unmanageable and dry without proper care and nutrition or it can be fairly easy to manage and maintain if you follow these tips whether you have natural curls or you've added them yourself. I have always had naturally curly, wavy hair and even super tight curls that almost look like I got a perm and never have! I know how difficult it can be to care for so share my own tips here with you. With proper care, you'll find that you can style curls in many ways, it will look and feel good in the summer heat, humidity and always.



Things You'll Need:

Good nutrition

Drink plenty of water

Reconstructing shampoo

Reconstructing conditioner

Weekly treatment

Step 1  


The first step to maintaining and managing curls is to have proper nutrition. Take a daily multi-vitamin, eat foods high in protein to help growth and strength. Also include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids from items such as salmon, tuna, nuts, beans, olives, dark leafy vegetables and canola oil. Drink plenty of water daily as curly hair tends to be drier than most.

          Step 2

          Wash curly hair less often

The next step in managing curls is to be careful how often you shampoo it. Curly hair doesn't need to be washed daily, every other or third day should be enough unless you work in a dirty area that exposes your hair to dust, particles, debris or smoke. That way you'll keep the oils and moisture in. Only shampoo once using a small amount of product, rubbing deeply into the scalp, thoroughly to the ends and rinsing completely. Choose a shampoo made specifically for curls that is water based, with natural botanicals and without chemicals. A reconstructing shampoo is great for curly hair because it helps to re-build dry/damaged ends and retains the color. Shampoos that are dermatologically tested will ensure you get the best results.

Step 3

Condition after shampooing

After you shampoo, make sure you always use a nurturing conditioner preferably with botanical extracts that moisturize and heal your hair. Apply to wet hair that you squeeze gently to remove most of the water. Leave on several minutes massaging entire head, comb through to ends, then rinse completely with cool water. Conditioners with honey or ginkgo biloba are exceptional because they will add luster and minimize tangles associated with curly hair. A reconstructing conditioner is best to provide softness, shine and manageability. Pure, water based hair conditioners made from fruit and vegetable extracts and without chemicals can improve dry, curly, damage hair at the follicles.

Step 4

Add Styling Products to Curly Hair

After conditioning, it is important to add a daily mousse, gel or leave-in-conditioner to manage curly hair. Choose one that is water based, without chemicals and is botanically based ensuring additional vitamins and proteins for strength and healing. Use a small sized portion based on your hair length, place in palms of hands and blend into hair shaft and roots.

Step 5

Weekly Deep Conditioning to Manage Curls

Weekly, after washing and conditioning, wrap your head with a towel and gently blot to avoid damaging ends. Apply a deep conditioning treatment creme or serum while hair is damp, blending from roots to tips of hair. This type of treatment is meant to reconstruct curly hair damaged from heat, environmental stresses or pollution. Leave treatment on hair for 20-30 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water, followed by a cool rinse. I love this Macadamia Argan Oil deep conditioner and always feel like I just returned from an exotic vacation after using it.

Step 6

Dry naturally or with a diffuser

Let curly hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer on a low heat setting and always with a diffuser. A hair diffuser will dry your hair slowly while preventing frizz and loss of control. Heat can further damage curls and make it even harder to manage. See my absolute, top of the line, best hair diffuser ever below!

Step 7

Styling your Mane!

I love using a wide toothed comb to make sure to get all the tangles out. Then, Style with fingers as your beautiful mane continues to dry. Curly hair can be styled in many ways while it's drying. Try adding a light spritz of frizz control spray to keep your mane tamed from the summer heat and humidity.

Step 8

Get frequent haircuts to manage natural curls

 Get frequent cuts to remove any dry, brittle ends, keep it at a manageable length and to assist in the growth of new hair. Also keep hair coloring or processing to a minimal to avoid drying and damaging curly locks.

Step 9

Wear a summer hat to protect curls

Wear a hat while in the sun during the summer to prevent further heat damage or drying of your curls.

Following these tips will help you maintain and manage curls during the summer heat and humidity and you'll always have healthy, manageable curls that will always look and feel great.


Hair Care Tips

  • Eat a well balanced diet

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Avoid applying too much product

  • Avoid blow dryers and curling irons

  • Get frequent hair cuts to maintain curly hair

  • Minimize coloring or processing to avoid further damage to curls

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