The development of email is widely considered to be one of the most useful components of the modern internet.  Electronic communication in the twenty-first century has revolutionized the structure of everyday life by dramatically reducing global dependence on traditional mail and effectively uniting the world with a faster and more efficient way to exchange letters.  Although people around the world are extremely dependent on internet communication, its existence has resulted in excessive amounts of abuse by spammers.  Today, it is estimated that spam accounts for over seventy percent of all email messages being sent and is the primary reason that people spend massive amounts of time each day deleting hundreds of unwanted emails.  Although billions of dollars are currently being spent every year by businesses in an effort to reduce junk mail, it is nearly impossible to eliminate 100% of all incoming spam.  For this reason, controlling spam email has become one of the greatest challenges of internet communication.

The Most Effective Solution to Reduce Junk Mail

Due to the existence of such excessive amounts of spam, antispam software has become increasingly more popular.  Although some of these programs are better than others, no program will ever be capable of eliminating all junk emails since spammers have developed effective strategies to hide their existence and avoid being caught by software.  Despite this fact, many people believe that antispam software does help control junk mail and is worth the investment.  However, if you are one of those people that receives hundreds of unwanted emails a day, it is highly likely that you will never be able to restore your email account with any state-of-the-art program.  As a result, the only viable solution is to abandon your current email account and create two new email accounts.  When doing this, it is important to try to choose account names that are challenging for spammers to guess.  One of the email accounts should be dedicated to people of whom you want to communicate and should be considered your primary email address.  This is the email address that you want to give to people that you know personally including friends, family, and business contacts.  It is important to never use this address for filling out online credit card purchases, posting information on the internet, or any actions that could result in your email address being added to mailing lists or anything in which easy access of your email address can be obtained by spammers.  If you are in a situation in which you must provide your email address for some internet transaction or give it to an unwanted source for some random reason, the second email address should be used to protect your primary email address from junk mail and spam.

The Next Best Solution to Reduce Junk Mail

Although the method described above is the most effective and ideal solution for anyone trying to control spam and junk mail, it is often impossible for some people to abandon their current email address since they have given it out to a very large number of people.  As a result, the next best solution would be to look into antispam software, create email filters, and learn strategies to prevent the problem from getting worse.  In any case, it would still be highly beneficial for a person that wants to try this route to create a second email address for future junk mail to ensure that the problem with the primary email address does not get flooded with even more spam.  In addition to protecting yourself with antispam software, it is important to create filters in which unwanted email will automatically go from your inbox to a junk mail folder.  Once filters are completed, contents within the junk mail folder can be deleted periodically with a single click.  The creation of these filters will result in dramatically less junk mail in your inbox every day and will save you massive amounts of time.

Strategies to Prevent the Problem from Getting Worse

No matter how angry you get from receiving spam, it is important that you never respond to these emails.  By responding, you are essentially letting spammers know that you have a live email address which will result in even more spam.  In addition, spammers are able to earn extra cash by selling lists of live email addresses, so it is clearly not beneficial to make your presence known.  If you extremely ambitious and want to spend extra time trying to eliminate spam, you can report spammers to the authorities.  However, keep in mind that eliminating unwanted emails is impossible no matter hard you try so it is not in your advantage to become too obsessed with this issue.  For more information on how to reduce junk mail, you can check out some other great tips online.