Mood Swings - What is This?

To some extent, we all experience mood swings in our lives. Children and adults often experience joyful situations that have a positive effect on their moods.  Our mood is defined by dictionaries as a state of mind, or a prevailing feeling or emotion.  As can be expected, we are not always happy, as external or internal situations can negatively alter our moods, resulting in a feeling of sadness.  Do not be surprised if you diet is the culprit when it comes to mood swings.

A "mood swing" is a term that is often used to describe a sudden and distinct change in our moods. Although studies are still on-going, experts have opined that mood disorders, (which are sudden, drastic, and often perplexing change in mood) can be caused by both internal and external situations.  So, in effect, your mood swing can range from a case of chronic depression, or depressive disorder, to  manic-depressive disorder.  These are the major types of mood disorders which are responsible for our mood swings from time to time.

As a result of frequent mood swings, emanating from the above mood disorders, people often suffer the following types of symptoms: 

**   Insomnia (an inability to sleep normally)

**   Reduced or Increased Appetite

**   Feelings of worthlessness

**   Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

Needless to say, those who suffer from these mood disorders or even mild to severe mood swings, will seek out treatments to alleviate their suffering.  It is also interesting to note, that many people do not go to their primary-care physicians first. 

Using Aromatherapy to Treat Mood Swings: 

If you have ever smelled something that immediately took you back to a place and time when you were very happy, then you will understand the advantage of aromatherapy.   My wife sometimes wears a special perfume which always has the effect of immediately taking me back to our courtship days.  Aromatherapy can bring calm and relaxation to anyone who is suffering from mood swings. Next time you see someone with a special aromatic candle, you will know why they are using these.

Aromatherapy has gained much popularity these days as a result of the ability of certain scents to affect our mood in a positive way.  Certain herbs, oils and scents have been used for centuries to treat mood swings.  These include lavender, citrus such as lemon and orange, as well as peppermint.  These scents have been proven to positively affect our moods, allowing us to relax. This relaxation in turn, helps to prevent extreme changes in our moods and behavior.

 Using Herbal and Other Home Treatments for Mood Swings

Herbal treatments have been traditionally used as alternative treatments for many centuries.  They can come in a variety of forms, including drinks and capsules.  People who have suffered from mood swings have had some success with certain herbal alternative treatments, such as teas, vitamins and other forms of nutritionals.

Almost every branch of traditional medicine these days have their counterparts in the field of alternate or herbal medicines.  Whether they are proven scientifically or not, many people are turning to this form of treatment for a growing number of common ailments, and mood swings is no exception.

Herbal treatments are being used to treat mood swings, and some people will swear by them; be they teas, supplements, drinks, or other forms of treatment.  My personal opinion is that the scientific and quasi-governmental organizations are all managed by people, and whereas one organization or group may discount a herbal remedy, this is not always because of a lack of proof of effectiveness, but can be for other sinister reasons. 

I think twice these days when I hear of an endorsement or a lack of endorsement by one of these government sponsored health care organizations, when it comes to herbal or alternative treatments.  In other words, I cannot swear to the total unbiased and fair adjudication of some of these organizations.  Therefore any treatment that I believe I need, will not be ignored simply because one of these organizations, decides that a product is either safe or not safe.  It is simply difficult to completely trust these organizations.  As I indicated however, this is just my very personal opinion.

Traditional Medicinal Treatments for Mood Swings

I am sure you are aware that many large pharmaceutical companies have developed a wide range of treatments for mood swings.  These are often dispensed by prescriptions through regular health providers.  Often, they are developed and marketed to treat a symptom of mood swings, which is insomnia.  There is no doubt that these treatments provide some help for those who suffer from mood swings, and mood disorders.   However, I will also offer a word of caution.

 Read the fine prints carefully  before you take these products,  and look specifically for possible side-effects.  It is amazing how many side-effects we are seeing these days from the treatments offered by these pharmaceutical companies.

Finally, education about the reasons and treatments for mood swings or mood disorders should be your best friend.  The more educated you are, about these illnesses, the more prepared you will be to find help for yourself or a loved one who is suffering from mood swings.  A new branch of science called "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)" offers some help in identifying the best practices and techniques that will help you to identify and effectively treat mood swings.