The main problem of thin hair is its softness and difficulty in making it the way you want. But you can make your it stronger and increase its volume right at your home. There are many special shampoos and cosmetic products that will help your hair get volume. But you need to know a little secret: after using your favorite product you need to comb your hair thoroughly. You shouldn't use conditioners on your thin hair, because they can glue your hair and prevent you from doing a nice hairstyle. So what to use to rinse the hair? If you are at home, then after each time you wash your head, rinse it with common sparkling mineral water. It will not make your hairs heavier and strengthen them because of its mineral contents.

Thin hairWhen you are choosing cosmetic products for thin hair, make sure they do not contain fat. You can also prepare a product with keratin at home; take a calcium tablet and dissolve it in warm water. You can also use mineral water instead of the plain one. You can use this simple solution as a mask and will make your hair stronger. Below there are two mask recipes you can make at home that will nourish your hair and take care of it.

- Take the brown bread and mush it in mineral water. Then rub this mixture into your hair. Keep the mask for 10 minutes, then rinse it well, dry your hair and comb immediately.

- You will need oatmeal and a coffee grinder. Grind the oats and mix with water until slurry. The water you use is of the room temperature. Apply the mask on the head and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse well after this.

These masks are easily made at home and are good for thin hair. They will make it clean and beautiful. You can also use these masks to wash your head.

More Tips

- Our hair is mainly consists of protein so make sure you eats enough of it, and when you wash your hair do not use any aggressive shampoos that can wash the protein off your hair.

- Your diet in general influences the health your hair; if you don't know what is the best diet for your hair type, you can easily calculate it by watching response your hair to various foods you consume.

- Regular physical activity improves the blood circulation and maintains it at a good level, which also reflected in the state of your hair.