Feline pet owners only want what is best for their cat's well-being. It is easy to lose track of your cat's weight, so it is important to stay informed on how to manage it. There are lots of things you can do as an owner to keep them in healthy shape. To get more information, turn to sources such as EntirelyPets.com or 1-800-PetMeds.

Monitor Your Cat's Food Intake

Cats require important nutrients to keep their weight in balance. It is important to make sure that they are receiving a regular amount of fiber in their diet to help keep their digestive system healthy. There are many cat food brands that have also began carrying the essential fatty acids that they need as well. If your cat is obese, it is recommended that you start feeding him less of what you consider to be his normal diet.

Your cat should not be allowed to eat large and excessive amounts of high caloric foods. If it is possible to feed your cat on a set schedule, that would be best. You can weigh out their food prior to serving it so you do not overfeed your pet. Leaving an automatic pet feeder out may do more harm then good since cats can constantly go back and eat more food whenever they want to. Cats should also be able to have access to plenty of clean and fresh water.

Keep Your Cat Physically Active

If you have a cat that is kept indoors all day, make sure to keep it occupied with lots of toys and activities they can engage in. You can purchase rolling balls or battery operated toys, which allow your pet cat to chase them around your house. Any activity is great rather than them not being active at all. Infrared laser pointers are very popular with cats because it can keep them entertained for hours.

For those that have cats that are allowed outdoors, they are more likely to be in better shape compared to those that are indoors only. Some felines can run around a backyard, climb objects, or find something interesting to hunt. It is very important that all cats get the exercise and freedom to run and play as much as possible.

Spayed and neutered cats are more at risk for gaining weight than those that are not. This is true because they are less likely to search around for a mate and it results in them becoming less active. If you have a pet that have been neutered or spayed, it will be up to you to keep them moving around.

As cats get older they are more prone to becoming overweight. The best choice for all owners that would like to manage their cat's weight is to have them weighed in often. In some cats, obesity is a sign for an underlying medical problem. Always have regular visits with your cat's veterinarian to make sure there are not any health issues you must be aware of. Every cat deserves to be in great shape and healthy.