Living with diabetes can be difficult, but with careful management, it doesn't need to turn into a major hassle or health emergency.
Here are some important things to remember about managing your diabetes:
• Eat regularly and make sure to eat varieties of foods in the right amounts. It's important to couple your eating with healthy activity that matches what you ate.
• Have a meal plan. It's important to make a meal plan that will help you keep your blood glucose levels where they should be, keep your weight at a healthy level, keep your blood pressure where it should be, etc. Talk to your doctor about the levels that are right for you.
• Be active. Exercise can help you to manage your weight levels and can even lower your glucose levels. It also strengthens your heart and helps with blood flow, so you make sure everything is in top condition throughout your system.
• Monitor your blood glucose levels. Once your doctor lets you know how often you need to check your blood sugar, make sure you stick to the schedule. If you take insulin, you'll probably need to take it more often. Keeping tabs on your blood sugar levels will help you to determine whether your other plans are working effectively.
• Make sure you know how to solve problems. You should have a pretty good idea of what you need to do if your blood glucose levels become too high or too low so that you can be in control when that happens. Some people panic if their levels get too low and binge, and then they end up with levels that are far too high. Have a plan for unplanned problems as often as possible.
• Know the symptoms. Be familiar with the symptoms of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, or hyperlipidemia. Be aware of the changes you should make in your management if you get sick.
• Find healthy outlets for frustration. Especially if your diabetes is new, it can be frustrating, especially because it influences so many parts of your life. Make sure that you find good ways to cope with your stress levels, as that can have an influence on your glucose levels. Being competent and knowledgeable about management can help with that, but make sure you have a support system of friends or family as well.

Mismanaging your diabetes can lead to long term problems, but keeping this carefully under control will help you to enjoy the other, more fun aspects of you life.