Once you decided you need a marketing service to manage and customize your email lists and you know what exactly is a third-party paid autoresponder – than you have multiple options . The most popular, used and known email lists managers are offer by: 1ShopppingCart, aWeber, getResponse, iContact, & Infusion.

Email Lists - the Features you Need for the Autoresponder

I wondered which email lists manager is the best and after doing some research, I came up with the most important features to look for when choosing such an email marketing service also known as an autoresponder. Here is a detailed list of features to check and help you decide if a specific one has all you need or no:

  • Monthly cost - keep in mind that there are some which offer free service for the first 100 subscribers (getResponse - "pay as you grow"!), while others offer a free or almost free limited trial period
  • Ease of user interface for all the email lists
  • Avoidance of spam complaints - built-in anti-spam filters to ensure that good messages go through and nobody abuses your responder
  • Sign up forms or opt-in page templates available – so you can create as many as you want for different email lists
  • Access to your database anytime in order to add subscribers, update messages, and consult the reports
  • Stability and reliability - very important as you will use this service on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis
  • High deliverability rates (well over 90%)
  • Testing options - a must-have when you plan to grow your business and refine your messages in the process
  • Message restrictions (limited or unlimited message length)
  • Unlimited or restricted message changes - change, update or edit your auto responses for any of the email lists whenever you want
  • Size restrictions - if you have ambitious plans on building very large email lists with a lot of subscribers, then you will obviously want one that can manage a growing list as there are some that do not surpass a certain amount
  • Highly customizable messages - this is when you want to use the customer name in your campaign emails, for example
  • Advanced tracking of different/multiple campaigns - open rate, links clicked on
  • Handle multiple lists - as when you have 2 or more newsletters
  • List segmentation - segment your customers to give them better targeted offers. Split them in at least 2 sections -- those who already made a purchase of a certain product from you and those who did not (this is a key feature as to automatically remove a customer from a certain list after he/she brought a certain product because to continue to expose him/her to a certain product that they already bought from you is certainly not a proof of professionalism)
  • Automatically cleans your mailing list - maintain your list easily with hard bounces removed automatically for you
  • Integration with other service capabilities - as a shopping cart, for example – this is important because more likely than not at some point you will need a shopping cart also – and one that has it included or has a good integration for it – it is obvious better
  • Statistics reporting
  • Technical support
  • Unique features that differentiate from all the others or from the majority of other products

All you have to do is going through this list and decide if a feature is more or not so important. Give to each feature a score based on what you need and then check the list against the email marketing services listed features to decide which one meets your criteria.

If you're interested in a particular service here is a list of reviews on the topic:

In closing of "How to Manage Your Email Lists in a Fast, Easy and Personalized Manner by Choosing the Right Email Marketing Service" article I wonder if you will take a moment to share your thoughts, questions or ideas by commenting below.