Do you use the Outlook email client on your computer and you have a Windows Live account or a Hotmail email address? With a free utility, you will be able to retrieve and send messages in email client. Synchronize Outlook with your Windows Live account, both will be identical messaging hotlines. Delete or move a message in Outlook, the amendment is passed on to the webmail online, and vice versa. Besides receiving messages from your Windows Live account, Outlook will allow you to send using your or email address.

Download and install the utility

This connector is a free utility that you can download from the Microsoft website. Below are the step by step instructions for Windows 7 and MS-Outlook 2007 on how to download and install the utility.

  1. Go to the plugin download page at Microsoft.
  2. Download the utility by clicking the download now button.
  3. Select save the file.
  4. Select a desired location or folder to download the file and click Save.
  5. Once the download completes, click Run.
  6. Again choose Run on the next screen.
  7. Accept the terms of the license agreement to continue the installation.
  8. Choose Next.
  9. Close the e-mail client if it is running and click Retry.
  10. Click Next and then Install.
  11. The setup should finish in few seconds.

Bind the Hotmail account to Client

First, you must configure Microsoft Connector plugin to link the Hotmail to the local client. Note that you can link multiple hotmail accounts in the e-mail client.

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. The installed plugin window opens. Enter your email address and your hotmail password.
  3. Then enter the name that will appear in your messages. Check the box Remember my password for not having to enter each time you connect and select OK.
  4. The new account has been added. Click OK and restart the Outlook.

Manipulating messages

Your Hotmail account is now integrated. You will be able to read your messages, delete, move directly from your email software.

  1. On the next start, your account is integrated.
  2. Send / Receive to download your messages to Outlook.
  3. Click the folder Inbox from your Hotmail account. Your messages are present. You can open them like you do for your other mail.

Note that, now your webmail account and Outlook are synchronized. If you delete a message in Outlook, the change is reflected on the webmail online, and vice versa. Both messengers are constantly the same. When you make a change in your messages (delete, move, etc), click Send / Receive to apply.