Fun Sales Meetings & Venues

When it comes to the making of a successful sales team, it’s as much your doing as it is the individual and collective efforts of your team.  Assembling your team and then leading them in the right direction can be a difficult task, but it is important for the success of your company and your team. 

  • Hire the right people.  The first and most important step of managing a successful sales team is hiring the right people.  Making wrong hiring decisions can be an extremely costly mistake for any company and one that should be avoided at any cost.  When going through the interview process, it’s important to keep an objective viewpoint on the individual who is interviewing.  Try to avoid “liking” a candidate prior to truly knowing how they will perform on the job.  When doing the hiring, make an effort to look past their show stopping interview performance and try to key indicators that will help you understand the candidate’s capabilities.  By asking situational questions, you’ll get a better idea of the applicant’s behavior, judgment and sales techniques.  (For example, what would you do if…? Give me an example of when… Give an example of what makes you a successful sales person?)
  • Hold regular sales meetings – Regular communication and contact with your sales team is an important aspect of managing a successful sales team.  If executed properly, these sales meetings can be great motivators for your team.  An easy way to foster motivation is to have each of your sales members share a successful sales story and something they’ve learned in the time since the last meeting.  Have each team member share a goal that they’ve made for themselves that they hope to achieve before the next sales meeting.  By going around and having each member share a success story, tip and goal, it allows them to learn from each other and in turn motivate each other to work harder.  At the end of your meeting, have your sales team collectively choose a top performing sales person and give that person some type of reward.  By using these methods to publicly motivating your sales team, you’ll see increased efforts to produce results and the overall level of your team’s success and motivation increase.