Marketing Articles via InfoPirate Web Tips without Duplication Issues

As a moderator on Infopirate I spend too much time marking great web tips "unwanted" just because the InfoPirate posting the Web Tip did not take the time to make the information in the Web Tip unique. That is why I am writing this article, so that InfoPirates who are also InfoBarrel writers can maximize their successful IP Web Tips and I can minimize the time I spend "unwanting" and eventually deleting improperly written or formatted Web Tips.

InfoPirate has set a number of words required for each InfoPirate Web Tip at 50 words. There is also a requirement that content must be unique and not found elsewhere on the Internet at the time the web time is posted. For a good writer, such as every InfoBarrel member must be, writing 50 unique words to convey ones reasons for the Infopirate Web Tip they are posting should be no problem. However there are some things you can do to make things go faster and, in the end, be positive your Web Tip is not going to be marked unwanted and / or deleted by that mad Infopirate Javaman (opps - that's me).

The first thing you can do is to place the InfoPirate bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar. Then when you are ready to make your Web Tip post on Infopirate do the following things.

Before clicking on the IP bookmarklet, highlight a phrase or sentence, or even two sentences, that contain a salient point in the article you are writing the web tip about. Now when you click on the IP bookmarklet that highlighted portion will come over, automatically formatted as a blockquote section.

No, I am not contradicting myself!

You are allowed to use up to 20 words in a block quote section. But in return for getting this easily and quickly placed in your in process InfoPirate Web Tip you need to write a minimum of 30 words, original in thought and not word for word found in the original article you are writing the Web Tip about.

No one will complain if you write more than 30 original words!

Of course you can add images, it's easy with the picture icon on the line above the content field to do this. Since surely the image you are using is relevant to the Web Tip you are producing make sure you put a description in the Alt text field. It is helpful to you if that Alt text also has one of your topic / keyword / tag words in it.

And now it's time to find out if all this work, which you did very quickly, will be considered duplicate or not. That's correct, you should be able to determine, on your own, if the web tip is acceptable.

Go to this URL address, and place the URL address for your InfoPirate Web Tip into the empty field that looks like this.

CopyScape Duplication Checker

If your Web Tip is going to show up as a duplicate you will get a some feedback that looks as follows.

4 results found for Leasing vs. Buying a car on loan | Click a result below to see the matching content.

... According to a study, a car loan is the most common debt amongst most of the people, after mortgage and student loan.As far as getting a car ...

Leasing vs. Buying a car on loan
... According to a study, a car loan is the most common debt amongst most of the people, after mortgage and student loan. If you are planning to buy a car on ...

So if you click on either of those two links, the other two did not look to be relevant, you get to see exactly what parts are duplicate. Very valuable information to use when you correct your Web Tip and make it non duplicate.

Leasing vs. Buying a car on loan

First thing we see is the Title is totally copy / paste duplicattion. A real no no, followed by

According to a study, a car loan is the most common debt amongst most of the people, after mortgage and student loan. If you are planning to buy a car on loan, it is really important to get a pre-approval for your car loan, before you even choose the car you want to get.

So you see, this duplicate content was not the first sentence or even first paragraph of the original article but copyscape still found it.

But if you write a post that does not have duplicate content what happens is this. If you used no block quote content copyscape returns a mesage that tells us there is no duplication. If you did use the block quote format we see exactly the words you used but because we click on the Source Article link - that shows us that what copyscape says is duplicate is within your block quote declaration.

Bottom line is this. It's better if all your 50 words are your own original thoughts anc content but if it is easier for a particular Web Tip to quote a small part of the original artical the blockquote format is the way to do it.

This information is, of course, applicable to any article promotion posts that you make anywhere on the Internet, not just for InfoPirate Web Tips. We hope to see you soon posting great Web Tips on InfoPirate helping to promote articles from a variety of web sites, including InfoBarrel.