Marrying a divorce man these days is not only acceptable but is quickly becoming commonplace. In most cases, many of the general population has been married at least once and have re-entered the dating scene hoping to find their soulmate. Blended families are the fastest growing family dynamic group in our country.

Things You Will Need

Good communication skills.

Step 1

Your first step in marrying a divorced man, is remembering that he has an ex-wife and maybe even kids with the ex-wife. If this fact does not scare you, then you are on your way to having a successful marriage with the divorced man.

Step 2

Blended families need special attention. Household rules need to be posted and all members need to be aware of the new rules. These new rules are important in order to set boundries for all members of the new blended family.

Step 3

Make sure that you and your partner make time for each other. During the first years of marriage, most of your time will be spent getting the blended family settled into a new routine. Make a date night with your partner so your new marriage will off to a good start. Array

Tips & Warnings