A men's shirt and tie is a classic silhouette that can still make a statement. It's possible to show off your personality at a special event or work while still looking sophisticated. Paul Fredrick MenStyle and Charles Tyrwhitt sell men's neckties.

Step 1 - Consider the Occasion

You'll want to go with a more classic combination for weddings such as a white shirt and black or blue tie. You can also match your tie to your date's dress if you don't know what color to wear.

Step 2 - Explore Patterns

Patterns can coordinate the tie and the shirt together. It also ensures that you can wear one tie with several different shirt colors. Since stripes are such a basic design find ways to make this different. You might just want to go with a wider stripe with only two colors for a more modern and classic element. A blue and white check or gingham will coordinate with a basic dress shirt. You can also find more subtle patterns like a twill fabric which will be neutral enough to match almost anything. This is a common fabric in suiting so it can relate back to your pants.

Step 3 - Look for Appropriate Colors

Since neckties have the same basic shape you can really explore color. This adds personality to a classic pinstripe suit. Instead of loud holiday ties just go for unusual colors such as a light blue for spring. This is festive and still elegant. If you are wearing a basic color shirt such as brown or gray then brighten it up with your accessory choice. You can even wear a pink or bright yellow tie for a daring look that will definitely stand out.

Step 4 - Step Out from the Basic White Dress Shirt

This really depends on the dress code at your office. Even if you need to wear white shirts then try a subtle pin stripe or a tone on tone check. This allows you to get a different look even if you have to wear the same color palette everyday. When you go with a bolder shirt then scale back on the tie for balance. Just stick with a solid pattern and a quality silk fabric. It can even be the same tone as the shirt if you're wearing a color that is difficult to match such as pink or purple.

Step 5 - Mix and Match Patterns

For the office, generally you can go with solid fabrics or one pattern and one solid piece. With careful coordination two patterns can also work. You can even try out different widths and directions of stripes on your shirt and tie. Stick within the same color palette so it's not too confusing. This also looks best under a jacket to tone things down. Plaids have subtle colors and lines in the fabric so pull out one of these pieces as the inspiration for your tie color. Mixing and matching polka dots and stripes is a more fun and casual way to wear these wardrobe options.