If you know what to pair red with it can change your entire wardrobe. This color can spice up any outfit. Red is often voted by men to be one of the sexiest colors. The next color is of course black. If you are feeling blah, but you can't afford to change out everything you own let red come to the rescue.

Ignore the color wheel. Red is across from green on the color wheel, meaning that these colors should look good together. They look fantastic together but they are most closely associated with Christmas. You can pair red with a taupe that has a little bit of green to it. This way your outfit won't scream holiday.

Find the red that works for you. If you have red hair, or a rosy complexion, you probably tend to stay away from red clothing. Explore the entire spectrum of red. You can even wear a deep wine color that is almost purple.

Make it unusual. You might not be that inspired to bring red into your wardrobe. Pair red with exciting color combinations to really fall in love with the color. Red works well with gold, or pair red with brown. This way, you won't be wearing the same thing as everyone else, but you'll look great.

Red isn't just for winter anymore. A few red tops will completely makeover your summer wardrobe. This works fantastic if you want a cheerier color palette but you don't look good in, or like, pastels.

Stick with classic combinations. Red & black or red & white are classic color combinations for a reason. They work. For your next holiday event, stick to just a plain red sweater instead of a red & green outfit. You can wear it again, even on Valentine's day. Plus, you'll be the most sophisticated person at the party.

Invest in red basics. If your wardrobe is feeling blah, remember Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz & those great ruby slippers. In recent years, it's been the trend to carry a brighter handbag or shoe that doesn't really match anything. If your wardrobe is mostly basic neutrals, this can add an unexpected pop of color. A red winter coat will make you stand out from the crowd & might even make you smile when it's cloudy outside.

Match red with itself. If you can't figure out what to wear red with, don't despair. Instead of wearing red from head to toe, just pick a fantastic red dress that you will get a lot of use out of.