USC offers one of the largest student finance programs for students doing their undergraduate studies, their graduate studies, professionals, international students, as well as anyone with special circumstances. If you are wondering how to maximize student finance at USC, look no further. Knowing how to maximize financial aid at USC means understanding what they have to offer and getting started on your application and the steps needed to secure your financial aid package.

School Profile

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 Wondering how to maximize student finance at USC as an undergraduate is normal. New students who might otherwise be unfamiliar with the process need to pay particular attention to deadlines and filing requirements. The first step when determining how to maximize student finance at USC is creating the CSS profile online. The profile contains information such as an estimate of your student income and your parents’ income for the last year, your social security number, as well as the school code. USC does not need a business supplemental form or the non-custodial parent form. This is a free profile which works in conjunction with the information in your FAFSA to determine your eligibility for financial aid. When you are trying to determine how to maximize student finance at USC you should be sure to complete your FAFSA each year with the appropriate information, especially for those interested in low-interest Stafford loans, federal and state grants.

Cal Grants

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If you are a resident of California, then you should also apply for a Cal Grant when you are determining how to student finance aid at USC. Freshman and transfer students who are not receiving a Cal Grant currently can have their GPA information uploaded to the California Student Aid Commission system. For transfer students who are already receiving a Cal Grant, they can transfer the grant through the WebGrants section of the Cal Grant website.

Automatic Uploads

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USC provides a feature to automatically upload federal tax information where it remains secure and updated within twenty four hours. State tax information is not required when determining how to maximize financial aid at USC. For international students whose parents do not live within the United States, employer statements and foreign tax returns can be submitted assuming all amounts are in U.S. dollars.

Special Circumstances

For those families enduring special circumstances such as a decrease in salary, illness, or job loss, detailed letters and supporting documentation can be submitted to the financial aid department. Returning students must meet the same deadlines for submission and failing that, will be considered for a reduction in financial aid. The same CSS profile must be created with the same FAFSA deadlines met for consideration. Returning students, graduate students, professionals, and international students can electronically upload their tax forms—or the equivalent—to the website where it will not be held but will be completely secure.



Student finance options are plentiful at USC and understanding how to maximize your financial aid is important. No matter what your circumstances or grade, it is important to submit all forms as soon as possible so that you receive your notification before May 1st of each year. USC also offers scholarships based on merit, the application for which must be submitted before December 1st.