Car Battery Life

Automobile batteries, once you have a look at the use they provide, really are a unusual component. As with the starter, they fundamentally only provide a two second surge to start the car. After that, they're pretty much extra weight being carried around with you. Why is that? Does not the battery still operate the electrical components of the car?

The answer actually is no. Once the car is running, the alternator, which is essentially just a generator, both runs the electrical systems and recharges your battery. In the end, your alternator is accountable for the electrical accessories in your car. So how come they don't use the alternator to start the car up? Regrettably it's not possible, not yet anyways.

The issue that's hard to get over is that it requires a lot of power to turn the flywheel and start the car. A battery can provide this quick jolt of power to start the car. The alternator can't generate that amount of power needed. That's why it's still necessary. But what I find interesting is that your normal car battery is a pretty costly even though it plays a limited role in the car. You only ever use your battery for the time it takes to start the car, and yet it sometimes costs $100 to get a new one.

Battery Tender (38092)That's why I love Battery Tenders or maintainers. There exactly what their name says they are, a device which tends the battery and keeps your battery fully charged over longer periods of not using your car. There also very useful for maximizing your cars battery Life!

Car batteries and starters are crucial parts of your car, no one's skeptical about that. I just don't like replacing them at the 1st sign of trouble when they're not technically vital to the vehicle's function. Just like maintaining the brakes, oil changes, and topping up fluid levels you should service your battery regularly. Vital fluids are usually not missed during a routine car service. But the car battery properly serviced can really maximize it's life span.

I'm among the old school car drivers. Things like seat warmers, power windows, power seats and power heated mirrors, and the like are just more parts that can go on a vehicle and they can end up costing lots of money to fit. Give me air conditioning and power steering and I'll be good to go. Everything else just seems like a headache. But one device I think is crucial to maximizing your cars battery life is a Battery Tender.