If you’re hunting for a job or a new job opportunity, there are many ways you can approach the search.  Just sitting behind a computer and applying for jobs is not going to cut it because everyone is doing that.  There are new ways to hunt for jobs all the time. There are some old ways you have probably never ventured.


Maximize your job searchCredit: http://mrg.bz/n7b6KF;By bmcmath

Temp agencies- You might want to consider temp agencies. It’s possible to find  permanent employment with these agencies. If you don’t currently have one though, it may be a way to tide you over until you find the right and permanent employment.

Contacts- you may not like contacting people, especially ones you have not talked to in a long time. This is a necessary step in the process of  hunting.  This is part of networking and may be very necessary to get good leads. Besides who knows where it may go.

Virtual job fairs- You heard of career fairs, well now you may come across virtual ones that you may have a virtual interview with once you sign up.  They are designed for specific dates and times. These may or may not be available at your location. You can do an internet search to see if they are available in your area.

Job fairs/ Career fairs – These are good places to bring your business card to and your resume.  You may not get your foot in the door or even get an interview but impressions are very important.  Being enthusiastic is the key. Don’t wait for someone to approach you before you approach them.

Business cards – Always have a business card ready to hand someone. No matter where you go or who you meet, your business card may leave a mark that will lead to some new opportunity.  The only thing you need is a simple business card with your name, phone number and what your business description is.

Craigslist - Searching for a job opportunity on Craigslist has some benefit but beware of unspecific onesfand descriptions. Also if they are paying extremely high, it can be a scam. Basically is the ad is vague about who they are, what you are doing and where the location  actually is, best to avoid it.

LinkedIn – Some people don’t realize that you can occasionally find jobs on LinkedIn.  You can do a specific search but you can also search for recruiters, and HR representatives.  If you haven’t become familiar with this business network system, it’s a good idea to start.

Door to Door – People do get jobs by going door to door to businesses. It shows a lot of initiative and guts to do this. Employers are looking for extraordinary employees as there are so many people looking for jobs. Going door to door sets you apart from the rest. Believe me, not many people are doing this.