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Maybe you're getting discouraged in the job search area. With the unemployment lines getting longer each month, there is reason for concern. It's possible you haven't thought through all your options when it comes to your qualities. Learn how to maximize your job search to open up more possibilities.

If you're searching only one field while searching online for your job, think again. Most jobs have several fields that you can search within an industry.

Changing industries can land you a job sooner. There are lots of different fields that have some of the same positions that you most likely qualify for. Make sure you look at all your options and you may find something similar in another industry.

Don't forget to mention that volunteer work that you've done over the years on your resume. This does count for something on your resume. You might even find a job in a non-profit industry. Sprucing up your resume means adding things that will count as a valuable quality in your working experience and is a big part of maximizing your job search.

Finding more creative ways to maximize your search can bring good results. Temp agencies are a good avenue to explore. I have known many co-workers who started out as temps and wound up with full time permanent employment as a result and stayed with the company until retirement. It is always worth a shot if you're standing in the unemployment line anyway.

If you have a lot of experience behind you, you may want to try hiring a head hunter. They even may contact you. They are always looking for good prospects and this is how they make a living. Why not get on a list so they will hunt down a job for you? You can contact an agency that does just this. Once you decide you would like to be a part of the agency, you will need to pay them a fee.

It's who you know sometimes. Word of mouth can be the best way to find employment sometimes. Talk to your neighbors, your friends and your family about job leads. These are one of places most people forget to use. Chances are there may be a job right under your nose and your too busy job hunting to realize it. To maximize your job search, don't rule out simple possibilities and you may find one much sooner than you expected.

Signing up for linkedin and connecting with previous co-workers, some who may be looking for new employees will jump start your search. Linkedin is a business profile network where you can connect with many people through people you already know.