Cat health

How to check cat temperature

Many pet owners treat their cats as members of own family, almost the same as their own children. If your cat starts to manifest symptoms of disease, then you begin to worry.

Unlike humans, cats do not have an health insurance and visit at veterinary clinics are very expensive. Although you should always go to the vet if you notice the first symptoms of the disease, there are few ways to determine whether this visit is really necessary. One of them is the measurement of the temperature.

Remember! Measure of the temperature in the cat ear is not the best idea, because the result is unreliable. So, in that case, you should measure it in the anus.

Below you will find the exact instructions on how to measure temperature by this way.

1. Select a good thermometer. The best would be a rectal thermometer, preferably digital.
2. Prepare vaseline which you will need to lubricate the thermometer and alcohol to disinfect it after use. For your comfort you can also use a pair of latex or rubber gloves and a towel for wrapping the cat in such a way that you don't get scratched.
3. Now, if you ready for measuring the temperature, flick the thermometer and lubricate it with vaseline.
4. Then prepare a cat. Call the other person to help you immobilize you pet. You can do it by grabbing him for the skin on the neck (the skin between the shoulder blades, just below the head). To keep yourself away from cat's claws I suggest you wrap the animal in a towel.
5. Starting temperature measurement, you should keep calm, because the last thing which we want right now is causing a panic and escaping your pet. Remember that your cat, even if is usually calm, in the situation of attempting to measure the temperature, can be dangerous like a lion.
6. Now lift the cat tail and slowly insert the rectal thermometer into anus. Gentle twisting on its axis while you inserting the thermometer, can make the entire process easier and less painful for the cat. Do not insert the thermometer with big power- it can damage the cat tissues!
7. Hold the thermometer in the anus of the cat for about 2 minutes (if is digital, wait till you hear the time signal). Gently remove the thermometer, read the temperature, and disinfect it with alcohol.


  • The normal temperature range for a healthy adult cat is 37,9 - 39 ° C.
  • Young kittens, especially those under the age of 10 days, have a temperature of 36,1 - 37.8 ° C.
  • The temperature of the kitten immediately after birth: 36, 1 ° c.
  • The temperature of the kittens to 4 weeks of age: 37, 8 ° c.

If the temperature of your cat is different from the standard high, this is time to go to the veterinary clinic.

Signs of cat fever: your cat looks sad, depressed, do not want to eat, sometimes shivering and feel thirsty all the time.

Do not give people medications against fever to your pets - never! They can cause poisoning, erosions or liver damage.