Ok, so you have spent hundreds on that perfect dress for the art gallery opening. You have all the accessories to match, new purse, new shoes, got your hair done, but then you try it on again at home in the light of day, and you realize that your bra lines are showing, and your bust actually does not look its best under this dress. You need to know how to measure for a bra.

Measure for Size

A badly fitted one, not only will make your clothes not look their best, but it is unhealthy for you, as it can cause back problems. Many women do not wear the right size. They may have just kept trying on bras, until they found one that looked and felt OK, about 10 years ago, and just keep buying the same size and brand over and over again, because now you can just run in the store and buy them right? But our bodies change, and what may have fit 10 years ago, may need to be adjusted today.

You may get away with wearing any kind under a sweatshirt or baggy clothes, but when you go to put on that evening dress, any poorly fitted one is going to show here, with bulges and lines, which will take away from that gorgeous dress.

Calculate Size

The first thing you need to do, is put on the best one you have right now. It can't have any padding, and then find a tape measure, and measure directly underneath your bust. Don't pull the tape too tight, take a deep breath and then let it out, and write down this measurement, rounding up to the nearest whole number (if you have a fraction).

Take this measurement, and if it is an even number (any number that can be divided by 2 is an even number) and add 4 inches to this number. If the measurement you came up with is an odd number then add 5 inches. This is your band size.

Now take the tape measure and measure the fullest part of your bust, making sure the tape is even at the back, you don't want the tape dipping down, it needs to be even around your body (you may need help with this for an accurate number). Write this number down, and if it is a fraction note the next whole number.

Now look at these 2 numbers you have written down. Subtract the band size (the first measurement you came up with and added 4 or 5 inches to it) from the actual bust size. The difference will be your cup size.



Difference of 1 inch = A cup

Difference of 2 inch = B cup

Difference of 3 inch = C cup

and so on. A 5 inch cup would be heading in the DD cup and 6 inches would be DDD or F cup.

Once you are getting into the D categories, it would be in your best interest to head to a lingerie store that specializes in D cups and higher, as local department stores don't tend to carry very many brands in the higher sizes. This way you can also get a trained lingerie fitter to help you find a brand that works best for you.

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once you know your size, you can go shopping online too!

A lingerie shop will have a bra fitter that is trained and does this all the time. You won't have to be naked or anything! She will just calculate size in the one you have now, bring you some to try on and go from there if you need something bigger or smaller.

Now that you know how to do this, and are now armed with your own bra measurements, you need to take a couple of hours or so, this can't be rushed, and find a bra that fits best for you.

If you have invested a lot of money in a gorgeous evening gown, then why skimp on the bra? It would be well worth investing in a specialty bra that works for you and your dress, and if you head to a lingerie store that specializes in lingerie, there is usually a trained bra fitter there that can help you and will know which types of bras are best suited for you.

Good Investment

Yes, you will pay more for a bra from a specialty lingerie shop, but they are well made, and are not the same brands you see in the local Wal-mart, these are sometimes handmade, and will last you a good long time with care. You should be able to get at least 2 years out of a well made bra from a lingerie shop.

So, if you regularly have to replace your bra, even twice a year, you may find that getting a well fitted bra that lasts a couple of years is not really that expensive.

Learning how to measure for a bra, is important, because our bodies change, and you should do this every now and then to see if things have changed. This is especially important if you have had weight changes, up or down for example.

Look Amazing

So, if you want to look amazing in that new evening gown, and you want to wow everyone, then get rid of those old bra lines, and learn how to measure for a bra, calculate your bra size and find a beautiful luxurious bra, that lets you move and breathe and leaves no lines behind!

While you are there, invest in a bra for your everyday outfits too, not just for that special dress. Lingerie is so important, for comfort but also to look your best. You can look like you shaved off 10 pounds in good fitting lingerie under your clothes.

So, it doesn't matter if you are a AA or a DDD or even F or G, find out, learn how to measure for a bra. If you keep tugging or pulling at the bra you are wearing now, or you have deep red marks on your shoulders every night when you take off your present bra, then it is definitely time for a new bra fitting.

Look Slimmer

A poorly fitted bra can also cause back problems, as you may be depending on your straps at your shoulders to hold everything up! A good fitting bra, will not depend on the shoulder straps at all. You will know right away that you have found the right bra. It will feel like it is part of your body, and then you will move with ease in that new dress and look great in the latest fashions this year!