Being single gets kind of old after awhile. Everyone always says there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it's hard to dive into unknown waters when it feels like you're swimming against the current.

Either way, playing the dating game as a single lesbian can be a challenge.

So, where do you begin? By meeting other lesbians, of course!

How do you find lesbians in a small town? Where can you find like-minded, single women when bars are totally not your scene?

Don't worry. There are other options. There are always options!

1. Consider where you'd like to meet your ideal partner.

If there aren't any local gay/lesbian bars or if they don't mesh with your style well, there's no law that says lesbians must hang out at bars. You can avoid the bar scene.

If you're into books, why not try a bookstore? If you're into music, check out that new indie music store.

If you love sipping coffee and watching people at your local coffeehouse, hang out there more often and keep your eyes open.

Joining an LGBT organization is another idea. The first step is to get out there.

After that comes the tough part. How do you identify a fellow lesbian when you're not even sure how well you fit the look?

First off, there is no look. Despite the common stereotypes, not all lesbians have to look and present a certain way.

Whether you're butch, femme or somewhere in between, you can still find a woman who's just your style as long as you keep your eyes open, express genuine interest and display confidence.

2. Lesbians love confident women.

Let's say you see a woman at a bookstore that piques your interest. Don't stick your head in a book and nervously tiptoe away.

Go up to her and strike up a conversation. Talk about books, the weather or that cool hat she's wearing.

If the conversation goes well, ask her who she's there with. If you're feeling brave, ask about her boyfriend. If you're lucky, she may pick up on what you're hinting at and help you along.

It's possible to meet single lesbians everywhere. Find a place that interests you, get yourself out there and keep your eyes open. After that, all it takes is a single brave moment.