Meet Women in College

When you mention the word "college", what words come to mind?  Is it students studiously studying in the library?  Is it moving into the dorms?  Is it college football, gameday, and tailgating?(Keep in mind I went to USC so football was huge there).  Is it meeting your new roommates/hallmates?  I bet for many, these are the experiences people remember about college. However, more likely than not, "college"conjures up images of frat parties, keg stands, crazy adventures, and hooking up.  After all, that is part of the college experience.  

As a red-blooded male at one of the hottest universities in America, there were times I wondered how I could approach, attract, date, as well as hook up with all the beautiful women on campus.   Every day, when I walked to class and went around campus was filled with beautiful scenery to say the least.  My tuition was worth every penny(lucky for me, I got a full scholarship so it definitely was worth it).  In my freshmen year, I wasn't quite sure on how to meet, attract, talk to, and charm the ladies.  However, after four years on one of my hottest campuses in America, here are some tips I've learned to meet and party with the hot girls on the college campus.

For the freshmen guys, this is good news.  It is so easy to meet women when you're a freshmen! Here is what you can do to meet, hang out, and party with hot women in college:

Introduce yourself directly

  • When most people go to college, they're scared, nervous, and worried that they might not make new friends or know anybody.  Naturally, this makes them more social and likely to open up.  The welcome week before college starts, as well as the first few weeks, is crucial to meeting the beautiful women that surround you.  Every freshmen girl(unless she's weird) wants to make friends, so suck it up and go talk to them.  You don't have to make them your girlfriend automatically, and it's actually completely fine if they just become your friends.  Just go up to the women you find attractive and say, "Hi, I've never met you before, what's your name?"  Remember to smile, and from there, just swap the usual topics of where you're from, their majors, and make small talk.  From there, depending on how open they are to your conversation and hanging out with you, you can get their number and/or add them on facebook.  Remember, there's no need to push it, but women are more willing to make connections early on.
  • After you've met a few women as well as guys(I hope you're making friends as well), then go ahead and invite everyone out to eat together.  When you're a leader, and make it an initiative to get people together, this gives you extra points and also lets you meet their friends.  In the beginning of college, people will hang around different groups to see where they fit, so don't freak out if you start hanging out with certain girls and people more and see others less.  Go out and meet people a lot.