Craigslist, the vast online classified ads network, is also one of the biggest online dating websites around. Millions of people login, post, read, and reply to ads on Craigslist cities all over the world - from San Francisco to Manila to Mumbai to Manchester. And a lot of these ads are classified ads not cars, houses, or apartments. They are for love.

If you've practiced the art of how to write the perfect Craigslist ad to attract women online, you're reading this because after posting, rewriting, and reposting your Craigslist ad, you've got a reply. And a pretty attractive reply at that. You've accomplished your original goal of the ad - attract a woman's attention enough to get a reply, but your goal is to eventually meet this woman in person, if you eventually choose you want to do that.

If you've followed my Craigslist ad techniques, you are most likely going to have a reply that doesn't have a picture. Its probably a witty reply to your witty Craigslist ad - she's testing your intelligence, your character, and trying to see who you are by the way you reply to her email.

So here are my rules for replying to Craigslist ads once you've received that reply:

1) Don't reply too soon. Some guys get too excited about that first reply, especially if it actually is the first reply they have ever gotten from a woman on Craigslist, and reply within 3 minutes of receiving that email. In my experience, that kind of freaks out women, especially those have long-term potential. Reply to the ad a few hours after you've received it - a comfortable number is to wait at least 5 hours or more. By replying too soon, you're immediately letting her know your sense of desperation at meeting women. In this case patience is a virtue.

2) Carefully read and re-read your reply. Maybe 5 or 6 times. Edit it down - the more you write, the more you might seem like you've overcompensating for something. A small reply packed with several sentences that reveal your personality are better than several paragraphs where you gush out too much information about who you are. You want to maintain an air of mystery and you don't want to sound like a stalker - before you click send, re-read that ad again one more time.

3) Spell-check. Its simple and you look like an idiot if your email has spelling mistakes.

4) Make sure you don't reply from your personal email address which she can use to look you up on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Once you receive the reply, forward it to another email (or create one if you don't have one) so that you can reply from an email that isn't associated with an online profile of you.

5) Keep going. Just because you've received a reply doesn't mean you shouldn't keep posting. Its a numbers game - the more you post, the more replies you get and the higher the chances you will meet a woman from Craigslist.