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Meeting a toyboy for dating or a little romance can be a wonderful thing. In fact, sometimes, they even turn out to be keepers – I should know, I married mine! But knowing where to meet them and where to go for toyboy dating is something of an art form. Spare yourself the fruitless nights of packed nightclubs full of teenagers, and concentrate your intergenerational dating searches in the following locations:

  1. Cougar dating events. Of course, this is the obvious place to meet younger men, in a relaxed, femal-friendly environment geared to a more discerning clientele. These kind of events are becoming more and more commonplace, so look out for an event near you!
  2. Online. There are a number of older women dating younger men sites and friend finder dating services that cater to women in search of some toyboy dating and men in search of older women dating services. One good one is toyboywarehouse.com. It's founder is herself a single older women who loves dating younger men and, rather than the more generic dating sites, offers a more exclusive environment – and of course, one great advantage with this method is that you're free to peruse at leisure, from the comfort of your own home.

The above are, of course, pretty obvious. However, hunting down a man who's looking for something a little more serious is not always so simple. In this case, it's time to think outside the box and look a little further afield:

  1. Your local Internet café, or, if that's a little regimented, a café with wireless Internet access. The funkier the better. And, of course, if you happen to have a small problem with your laptop, you may find you have the pick of handsome young singles to ask for help – and then you can buy them a latte to say thank you. Perfect!
  2. The gym. It's a fact that the majority membership in most gyms is male. And extremely likely that most of them are of an age ripe for a toyboy apprenticeship. And of course, there's an added bonus that you'll get fit in the process. If there's a café or bar attached to the gym, hang out and spot the workout habits of the ones that catch your eye.
  3. City parks or at the beach. If you're fortunate enough to live by a city park or beachside promenade, you'd be surprised to see just how many men like to get out and enjoy the fresh air. On rollerblades, cycling, walking, reading on a bench, walking the dog – there's an almost endless supply to catch your eye. Of course, it goes without saying that parks and promenades are really only suitable for daytime hunting – be sure to stay safe and steer well clear at night.

As with any kind of dating, be sure to be safe. Only meet a prospective date in a public place, and be sure to let people know where you are going and how to reach you during the date. Better still, go someplace where there will be people you know present.

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