Google Adsense may be the most popular means of generating ad revenue from your blogs and other websites but don't overlook other affiliate programs that may also be a good fit for your subject matter and readers interests. Shareasale has a very user friendly affliate program with over 2800 merchants you can partner with to earn commissions on click throughs and sales. Follow the steps below on how to add Shareasale links to your blog and blogposts.

Things You Will Need


Shareasale Affiliate Account

Step 1

Sign-up as an Affliate at

Step 2

Search the Merchant List and look for products and sites that would relate well to the theme and subject matter you usually blog about.

Step 3

Apply for affiliate status with those merchants. Most Shareasale merchants will approve you automatically.

Step 4

Post banners/buttons and text links on your blog advertising the merchants you have been accepted by.

Step 5

Try to work links to your affiliate merchants sites into the body of your blog posts. For example if you're writing about travel or vacations mention the great hotel you stayed at in San Francisco and link to the travel site from the word "hotel".

Step 6

Remember to go back to Shareasale and search for appropriate merchants to link to everytime you post new info on your blog. You can casually work them into the text body or if you have personal experience with the products you could recommend them in a testimonial type blogpost as I've done here.

Shareasale has a $50 minimum payout which is half of googles minimum so you may reach payout faster. I think the reports they keep on your account are easy to understand and they have been very good with communication and answering questions. There are no fees to apply for affiliate status and with the many merchants and text links/banners/buttons to choose from you will have a great deal of control when monetizing your blog with Shareasale affiliate links.

Tips & Warnings

Shareasale sends payment around the 2oth of each month via postal mail or Direct Deposit as long as you've reached the $50 minimum payout. At this time paypal is not offered.

After you reach the first payout of $50 you will be approved to post pay-per-click ads and links, until then new affiliates can only post pay per sale or pay per lead links/banners.