Any YouTube User Can Now Monetize Their Account Using Adsense!

Previously, in order to make money on YouTube you had to be a member of a partner ship network such as Machinima or TGN. This was not very easy to do because most networks have minimum viewer or subscriber counts that applicant must obtain before they can join. It could take months or even years of never earning a single dollar in order to meet these requirement, especially if you were only doing it as a hobby in your spare time. Regardless of how good your content was, you could not earn from it.

Well, Google knows the value of having smaller content producers monetized. It recognizes that some of the best video content comes from these smaller channels and that, added up, they can easily rival the larger networks in value. As such, Google has now rolled out the Adsense monetization feature as a way of directly partnering with YouTube. 

Monetized YouTube VideosCredit: ZiggyD

How Do the Rates Compare with Networks?

Adsense does not allow us to share information on CPC or similar but through my own bulk earnings I have confirmed that the rates are about evenly matched with that of the networks. The actual CPC is quite different but it ends up translating into similar income. This is because partnership networks monetize a higher proportion of your views, while Adsense monetization pays more per monetized view. That's about as much detail as I can go into that topic.

What Do You Miss Out On By Not Joining A Network?

Keep in mind that networks are quite hard to join, so they are going to have a little bit more to offer you in terms of exclusive features. However, whether or not those extra features are enough to warrant joining a network is a different story. Networks have two big draw cards: an established community and they do the copyright work for you. The first draw is not that important if you are already able to pull in viewers and grow on your own, though it will always help. The second, however is a good draw card because dealing with copyright and permissions on certain types of content can be a real hassle when you are not a part of a network - especially if your content is on video games.

That said, the networks don't have that much to offer nowadays. They used to have a lot more features to offer, such as custom thumbnails and increased video length, but these can now be had by almost any channel (partner or not). I fully expect that 99% of the features available to network members will be available to non-network channels by the end of the year. We may even see the rise of non-network groups of YouTubers helping each other out.

How to Monetize a YouTube Channel Without a Partnership (Adsense monetization)

In the above video I walk you through the steps of enabling monetization on your account so that you can start monetizing your videos. If you don't already have an Adsense account then it will provide you with a link to do so, make sure to use this link as it makes it a lot easier to link your accounts. If you already have an Adsense account then you can instead choose to link your accounts.

Once your account has been successfully monetized you will start to see the option to monetize within your "edit video info" page. It should look like this (once you check the box, that is):

Monetize YouTube Videos With AdsenseCredit: ZiggyD

It may take a couple of days for everything to go through, especially if you are setting up Adsense as well. Most of the time, however, you can start monetizing straight away.

How to Monetize Individual YouTube Videos with Adsense (Including Gaming Content)

The next step, of course, is to start monetizing your actual videos. Just having a monetized channel isn't going to earn you anything if you don't have any monetized content! 

In the above video I explain all of the considerations for monetzing general content, as well as some unique considerations for gaming content, since that is my area of expertise. I also take you through the process of monetizing a video, because it can be a little confusing at first.

Why Was My Video Denied Monetization? "We Require More Information" or "Under Review"

Occasionally, things don't quite work out like they should on YouTube. Even if you have no copyright issues with your videos you will sometimes still get a 'rejection' notice or a video will just stay 'under review' indefinitely. This simply happens because the automatic systems at YouTube aren't perfect (far from it) and they will err on the side of caution and flag a video that they are unsure about. 

This can be a pain and frustrating. In the above video I explain why you might be getting this error and how you can correct it. Do note that videos will sometimes stay under review for 24-48 hours, so don't panic about this unless the video has been like that for longer than 48 hours.

Where to From Here?

Now that you are monetized and have some videos that are bringing in some viewers and revenue then the only thing left to do is to make more awesome content! The better you make your videos, the more consistently you release them, and the harder you work the more they will earn you. It can be quite slow in the start while you build up a follow base but if you keep working on it then people will watch. There is a lot more YouTube success strategy that I could discuss but that is better suited to another article.

One thing I will mention here is that you may want to consider reinvesting your first YouTube paycheck if you plan on taking this seriously. With my first check I purchased a Blue Snowball microphone, which has improved my audio quality a lot, and since audio quality is a big deal for most viewers I feel this was a great investment. You could invest in whatever you are lacking that could improve the quality of your content. If you treat it seriously it will repay you seriously.

If you have any question on YouTube Success then feel free to ask them in the comments below or you can contact me on my YouTube Channel RLZiggyD. I plan on writing many more articles about this topic as I go!