Are you a parent of a teenager? Is so then you have experienced the pain of motivating teenagers; it isn't fun and often feels impossible. However, it can be done, but it takes some time and lots of work.

First begin by developing a how to motivate teenagers plan. Avoid jumping right into a situation naive and wearing rose colored glasses. As parents we often think being over positive is the answer, but as teenagers they and we saw this as our parents being geeks. So in essence, find the line between being positive and sounding like a cheap motivational speaker.

Second, talk to the teenager like an adult at least a young adult. Explain to them the expectations you hold of them. Explain the consequences of failure to fill the expectations and leave it at that. There is no reason to continue pounding away and away and away at them. Lay out the deal, walk away and let them go at it. This will fill the teens with a sense of pride and hopefully boil up some self motivating drive.

Thirdly, avoid the sledge hammer and/or yelling tactic we all fall into. Don't pound the teenager over the head with a constant reminder of how lazy they are. This will only build resentment and for many teenagers create a need to do the opposite in spite. Constant yelling will have the same effect and create a situation that garners a greater level of frustration almost by the hour.

The best way to motivate teenagers is to treat them as adults, give them some freedom, offer them respect and let them grow. Of course, be there when they fail, set some rules and act like a parent. But, the natural state of all humans is to be productive and once a teenager taste the thrill of being productive and the thrill of the reward, motivation will be as natural as waking up in the morning.