After starting a diet, the initial determination does tend to slip. It is hard for people to stay motivated to eat right and exercise. Eating cake and sitting on the couch watching your favorite shows are a lot more enticing than dieting and exercising so you have to motivate yourself now and then.

First of all, when you choose a diet plan, talk to your dietician or research a diet that best fits you and your lifestyle. Do not adopt a diet that asks you to create an 1800 change in your eating habits and lifestyle. Whatever you choose, adopt it slowly and thoroughly.

Also exercising along with dieting brings about the best and most effective results. Proper exercise helps you lose weight faster, gives you more energy and boosts your mood. All of this will help you to stay motivated and focused on your goal of weight loss.

Other ways to keep your motivation to maintain your diet are:

Set a realistic weight loss gain

Setting an unachievable target will only demotivate you and jeopardize your dieting efforts. A goal of 1 to 2lbs a week (with exercise) is considered to be healthy and achievable. 

Get a friend to diet or workout with you

It is always more motivating to do something when you have someone accompanying you. If you are working out and dieting with a friend, you and your friend can motivate and boost each other if frustration sets in. Also, you can perform a check and balance if dieting and working out with your friend. Plus, if there is a little competition that’s good as healthy competition will bring about good results.

Start a journal

Keeping a diet journal helps you to keep track of your diet and exercise. It also works by showing you your accomplishments like a decrease in your weight, an increase in the time you can exercise or for how long you have not had any chips. This will show your accomplishments and motivate you to stay on track in order to achieve more.

Bring some variation in your workouts and diet routines

If there are exercises that you dislike, try to find alternative exercises that target the same muscle group. Also, try to change your workout after a while to ensure that you find it challenging and do not get bored from repetition.  While dieting, you have to eat healthy but that does not mean you have to eat the same meals over and over again. Search for healthier recipes of your favorite meals and drinks. For example, on a diet you may not be able to drink a store smoothie but you can make an equally tasty and far healthier smoothie at home.

Look at yourself in the mirror

If you are happy with what you see in the mirror, you will be proud and more motivated to stick to your diet regimen. If you do not like what you see that will be a reminder for you that you have to stick with your diet and exercises.