Eating healthily is all about education. If you know how bad processed foods are for your body and how good it is to exercise then the motivation will follow. This article is about the education you need to motivate yourself to keep to your diet and exercise plan and not go back to your old eating habits next week.

There is a lot of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks in the world today. They have all increased immensely in the current generation and the risk can all be reduced by losing weight and exercising.

Find out which foods are good and which foods are bad for you. There are many diet plans, but they all say similar things like eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, give up coffee and reduce processed foods.

Plan exercise into your day. Have a regular time every day when you exercise. Try and plan variety into your exercise routine. You should be exercising half an hour to an hour 6 days a week. It's better to plan to exercise in the morning because you usually achieve that goal. Make exercise fun, walk or run with a friend or listen to music.

Don't start with a huge amount of exercise, start small and build it up, when your body gets used to what you are doing, then increase the time or the intensity. Something is better than nothing to start with, the idea is to get the routine going. Walking is better than running, you don't have to sweat a lot each time you exercise.

Consider joining a health club. If you pay to exercise you are more likely to exercise. Get a personal trainer if you can afford one.

Realize that it takes a while to become healthy. Don't give up too soon because you aren't seeing results. If you do it correctly, you will see an improvement over six months to a year.

Measure your waistline as well as your weight. You could be losing fat and gaining muscle, so you won't see the result on the scales.

Aim to be healthy, not just to lose weight. Don't aim to be thin and unhealthy. Plan to improve your health and the weight loss should follow.

Look at people who are overweight. Ask yourself if you want to be like them, look at people who are thinner and ask yourself if you want to make that your goal.

Write down everything you eat. This is the one thing successful people say they have done.

Get a friend to be a weight loss buddy. Share your successes and failures, be accountable to each other.

Set yourself a goal. Don't just vaguely say, "I want to lose weight and become healthy." Plan to lose 5 pounds a month, every month, until you've reached your goal.

Check your weight first thing every morning. Then you will know if you ate too much or too little the day before.

Take a photograph, look at it daily. Make that picture your before photo while you work on your after photograph.

Have a plan. Give yourself a goal and reward yourself when you reach your goal.