How to Mount a Flat Screen Television on a Wall

By Andrew Hsu

Mounting your new flat screen television is really a breeze and probably one of the easiest parts of setting up your new entertainment system.


Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • television
  • television mount
  • drill
  • level


It is important to know that there are mainly TWO different types of wall mounts for flat screen televisions which you will need to choose between based on your projected entertainment system.

A swivel mount will allow your television to pan up and down on the wall, giving you a better angle of watching depending on the distance you are planning to be in during your television time.

The other is a simple flat mount which will keep your television stationary and flat against the wall.

Also make sure you get the right size mount for your television. Nothing sucks more than getting one too small or too big for your tv. just read the labels and you'll be okay.


Find the area on the wall you would like to mount your TV. Hopefully, there will be a few studs in there that you can mount your wall bracket into.
If there are no studs in the area where you would like to mount your television, I would recommend at least fortifying the sheet rock with thicker pieces or installing a few big pieces of wood behind the existing sheet rock for support.

I would advise against using anchors in your single ply sheet rock as modern televisions still weigh enough to rip right out of an unsupported wall.


Mark the area you will be working with, making careful measurements to center your television or place it however you would like it.
Take your wall mount and place if against the area where you will mount it. Use your level to ensure that the mount is in fact level before marking the screw holes where you will be placing screws.


To make it easier on your self, get somebody to hold the mount in place while you put screws into the wall.

Make sure that the mount you have just screwed into the wall is secure and even with the level and by gently tugging at the brackets with your fingers.


The mount will have come with a few brackets to place in the back of your television at selected hard points for mounting. Locate the holes in the back of your television where you may mount the brackets and do so with a screwdriver or wrench depending on the bolts provided.


Once you are satisfied with the mount, get a friend to help you move the television into place.

If you are using a mount with adjustable angles, be sure that the brackets are securely locked before you begin your mounting process to ensure that you have a stationary target.

You will need to match the brackets on the back of the television with the brackets on the wall mount. This will require some lifting and some clever maneuvering, but is simple enough.

When the television is in place, it should be completely flat against the wall and ready for final installation of all of your other entertainment system components.


Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to communicate effectively with your television lifting partner to avoid expensive and dangerous accidents.
  • Make sure your mount is near an electrical outlet or the like.
  • If you are running lines through the wall, it is better to have that done before mounting the television