Moving into a new home is both exciting and stressful, especially when kids are involved. People often underestimate how much stuff they have accumulated over the years, making the moving process a very difficult one. However, moving into a new home doesn't have to become a major pain if done properly and done with organization.

Things You Will Need

A large truck/van, boxes and lots of time.

Step 1

Begin by planning out the move into the new house. Don't just pick up and start moving things, that will only create more work and more headaches. Make a list of the items that must be moved first and when. This will help eliminate the chaos in the beginning.

Step 2

Make the move by room. Moving by room will help organize things on the other end. This means putting items in boxes and labeling them clearly. Also, when brought into the new home, place those boxes in that exact room where the box is labeled.

Step 3

Toss things out. When packing the phrase, "Oh, that's where that item went," keeps coming up, through it out. The fact is items that were stuffed in a closet at the old house, will be stuffed into a closet at the new house. So, instead of moving from one closet to the next get rid of it by donating it to charity or sending it to the landfill.

Step 4

Line up lots of help for the large items and the endless parade of boxes. Moving can go very quickly when lots of people are involved, but when there are just a few, it will take forever.

Step 5

Make sure all utilities at the new house are turned on and working. There is nothing more frustrating then moving into a house with no power, water and/or heat. Make sure all those items have been taken care of.

Moving is never fun, but with some organization it can be okay.

Tips & Warnings

Watch the fragile items!