I'm going to teach you how to name your flippin' iTunes Libraries to be cool like me.

Things You Will Need

iTunes, Keyboard, Fingers, Half a Brain

Step 1

itunes library 2 Open Itunes. Next, go to File > "Preferences". (Hotkeys = ctrl+,)

Then enable sharing.

Step 2

Change your iTunes Library name in the text field in the General Settings.

Pretty easy.
As you can see, I have a pretty unique shared name. I want to give the person looking into my library - "3D GAY WORLD" a little glimpse at what kind of music would be involved in a world such as that.

iTunes is a decent program, good for being lazy because it organizes all your music for you, but itunes is absolutely essential if you have an iPod, or iPhone.

Tips & Warnings

If you bring your computer to work or whatever, be careful not to name it anything offensive, as you might get fired. haha.