Natural way of ridding your Home from Rats.

A Few House Remedies you can try at home prevent Rats from moving in.

Rats can be an uncomely sight. Rats often carry diseases. They can become aggressive if they feel threatened and may attack your children.

But I for one don’t like the traditional rattraps. I find it in-humane. I’d rather deter the rat from moving in.


And so the best and most natural way from rats moving in to your space is by preventing them to do so. This means keeping your house or building tightly sealed. Make sure the windows and the window screens are fitted properly to their frames. Keep your food sources in containers that make it hard to chew through. Also keep your food sources off the ground. Make sure that your garden is weeded and free of undergrowth. Rats love to hide in brush.

Avoid clutter in your sheds, the garage, and any other storage units you might have.

 Nature provides solutions to most problems. And so it does with rats. There are some odors that rats do not appreciate.

These smells will keep the rats away for a time, but rats are intelligent, and will find their ways to get your goodies. Use these measures to seal up, and organize your surroundings.

Bobcat and Fox urine are deterrents. These may keep you away too for other reasons, but for rats those smells resemble a predator. If you have a cat use the litter from the litter box as a predatory sign of presence.

Peppermint, Spearmint, and Citronella have been known to have similar effects. You can use a spray, or essential oils and spread them around your garden and home.


If you don’t already have a cat or a dog, consider getting one. Feral cats have a greater sense of hunting. As well has Rat Terriers, who were bred to find and kill rats. If you do consider getting an animal, leave the cat or dog outside so that it has a chance of patrolling the area. Rats do not like it when predators are around. Most likely they will move to a saver place.

Rat CageCredit: all these don’t seem like a solution, you can always get rat cages. You can buy those via Amazon. They are fairly cheap, and you will not kill the rodent. You can then relocate them into the wild.