Remove Sugar From Your Diet

NuNaturals NuStevia

Do you know what the chemical compound C12H220 is? 

It is strange white crystals that are completely alien to the human system that is ingested daily by millions of people but has no nutritional value whatsoever.

It is sugar.  It does not matter if it white "table sugar" or brown sugar, (which has a dash of molasses in it giving a trace of nutritional value but no value as a source) it is a completely foreign matter although classified as a carbohydrate.

In short, sugar is a poison. It has been bleached, processed, deprived of its nutrients and is readily available for quick digestion and quick impact on the insulin release processes.

If you do nothing else but delete "white table sugar" or "brown sugar  in the raw" or not "in the raw" completely in your diet, I assure you  a loss of at least 15 pounds in 6 months.  This includes not only the sugar in your morning coffee but any prepackaged sweets, cookies, cakes and in particular carbonated drinks which are jam packed with at least 2 tablespoons full. 

I actually lost more than double the 15 pounds I noted in the title  by continuing to eat lots of vegetables, stepping up my natural exercise of walking, yoga and importantly the usage of Nature's Plus Fruitein Rainbow High Protein Shakes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The shock of Hurricane Katrina, followed a week later by Hurricane Rita,  with its ripple effect, generated the lost of many creature comforts along the Gulf Coast we all take for granted. Mail delivery for instance, was lost, delayed or never received for almost a year.  Many shops including my local Health Food Store were not re-opened. My Stevia, in particular NuNaturals NuStevia and my Nature's Plus Fruitein's Rainbow were erased from my life for a little over a year. Mail order was useless as it was a hit or miss proposition.

Our stores were stocked by when and with whatever the delivery trucks that could get to us were carrying. Myself and everyone else were in a perpetual state of shock (or PTSD) so profound that year of 2005 - 2006; that it was not until I moved back to my hometown (due to my never recovered job and risky part time jobs) that I noticed that I had gained some 30 odd pounds.

It was not until I was able to recover my NuNaturals NuStevia and Fruitein's Rainbow, either via mail order or by requesting the little health food shop to carry these items, that I noted the naturally occurring side effect of Stevia.

Interestingly, whenever I run into the owner of this local shop he reminds me that both of these items are now best sellers for him.

Looking back, I realize that pre-processed foods, including sugar, had replaced my normal healthy diet resulting in the weight gain although my walking activity had increased tri-fold due to the decommissioned buses, taxi cabs and streetcars.  Although I did not own a vehicle, just the state of the streets would have prohibited me from driving in any case.

This is what gives me the absolute authority to say you can naturally lose 15 pounds in 6 months by just deleting sugar completely from your diet. By naturally, I mean forever.

There is nothing like the picture of sugar-crazed 4-5 year olds after a birthday party to imprint upon your mind the negative effects of sugar on the human body.

Excess sugar can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40 per cent.  This immune suppressing effect of sugar starts less than 30 minutes after ingestion and can last for 15 hours.

It is a fact that sugar, called sucrose, sours attention, behavior and learning and white or brown sugar is lowest on the nutritional scale and it is addictive. Yes, our bodies need 60 - 70 percent carbohydrates and cannot live or work without them.  All of these carbohydrates can be obtained from natural fruits and complex carbohydrates which converts into the sugar that our bodies need to perform properly.  These sugars do not cause upheaval in our bodies by triggering the insulin response less quickly, contributing to a steadier blood sugar and a steadier mood. 

Excess sugar equals the diabetes that runs rampant in our society.

Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb in the chrysanthemum family which grows wild as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil.  The glyeosides in its leaves including 10 percent Stevioside account for its incredible sweetness making it unique amoungst the nearly 300 species of  Stevia plants.

It is thought that Stevia (Ca he he) was used to sweeten in Pre-Columbian times and "Natural Scientist" names Antonio Bertoni as being the first to note its usage by indigenous tribes in 1887.  This South American herb, when dried to a powder, has a sweetness ratio of about 200-300 times to sugar.

Stevia offers a safe and all natural alternative to "toxic time bombs".  Use of Stevia, in particular NuNatuals NuStevia is tasteful,  practical and economical.  It does not raise blood sugar.  It does not harm teeth.  It will not cause diabetes or harm diabetics.

I choose NuNatuals NuStevia because it does not have the "licorice taste" that other brands I have tried have.  In fact, I cannot tell the difference at all except perhaps it is better than sugar. It cost more but you will use so much less that, for me, it evens out. 

The primitive sugars our grandmothers used such as honey, molassas and syrup are all complex sugars (good sugars) and are all natural and contain nutrients such as iron, calcium and copper as well as zinc and manganese which are two important minerals but are still overused too often.  They are not, in fact, dangerous to our systems in moderation because they take time to break down in our systems thus not provoking the dangerous insulin level spikes. 

It is mainly the calories they contain that makes people turn to alternative sweeteners.

A recent study by the Journal of Ethno-Pharmacology reveals that Stevia produces no ill effects and is 30 times sweeter than regular sugar.  Most important, Stevia dilates blood vessels and helps to prevent high blood pressure.  Stevia increases urine output, regulates digestive systems, encourages friendly bacteria in the digestive system and by doing so shows itself as a good detoxing agent assisting and purifying our systems.

In short, Stevia is a natural not chemical product. It is a matter of health, knowledge and life!