Released on September 17th, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has attracted over millions of fans in less than a fortnight. However, with so many players and little time, everyone is trying to beat the game early. If you belong to that group, try out the following tips and tricks and have loads of fun until you finish the game. 

Earn Money Faster

There are several ways to keep money coming in Grand Theft Auto 5. Try out with its extensive stock market or rob an armed vehicle. In case you are more determined, robbing a convenience store for petty cash is a great option too. However, if you are in need of further cash, you should try out several ways of gold farming.

Take On the Stock Market

After Franklin eases you into the Lester missions, make sure that you have sufficient cash before beginning. In one of the missions, you will be assigned to kill a target and as a result it will influence a particular stock price. You can now invest in that stock, but Lester will warn you about it.

First save and then begin the mission in order to select stocks to invest in. Now reload, and toggle between all three characters. Get each of these characters to invest in that specific stock before you decide to go backwards to start the mission. Finally, sell the stock for substantial profits before it drops down to its previous place.

Bring Back the Strength

In order to stay in the game, you will have to retain your strength. In case you need to have your car repaired or require healthcare, all you need is to switch to a new character and get back. You will find yourself in better health and your car repaired too.

Upgrade Your Weapons

Buy weapons and the required upgrades during any mission in case you stashed away very little cash. Kill your own character later to fail on the on-going mission and then return to Ammu-Nation to get your weapon upgrades as well as your money back.

Secret Missions

While you travel to Los Santos and its surrounding areas, you will get to know about the spiritual organization Epilson which was first pointed out in GTA IV. It suggests eight missions alone for Michael and you will see that it is a slight parody of Scientology.

In order to begin your mission with Epsilon, you will have to go to in-game internet and search for it until you find it. Once you have taken the personality test, go back and donate $500. This will result in a subsequent request to donate another sum of $5,000. Doing so will lead you towards other missions and so on.

So, use these cheats with caution when stuck and enjoy your GTA 5 game.